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Vanessa Beeley Interview - Syria Under Attack Anew & BBC's Intimidation Game
03 Mar 2021
Vanessa Beeley Interview - Syria Under Attack Anew & BBC's Intimidation Game
Rex_Colt · 36 Views

⁣Dr. Lorraine Day Warns People of What's Coming


⁣Dr. Lorraine Day Warns People of What's Coming
Please remember the views and opinions of our guest may not reflect the views of the staff of Israeli News Live

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__K__ 3 months ago

Rothschild's are Vatican puppets. Revelation 17 describes the Catholic Church/Vatican over the kings of the earth/NWO.

Rome-Mystery Babylon

Veritas_Aequitas Youtube

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Crystalblue 3 months ago

whenever i hear this woman, something in my spirit brings up a red flag? i dont why yet, but some of what she says take with a grain of salt.

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ZoeLife 3 months ago

That "something in your spirit" is NOT of God. If you actually knew Dr. Day (you can do that by going to her two websites and spend time - a lot of time - reading and understanding the information she has been providing there for more than 20 years) you would rejoice. There are many doctors now speaking up about the same things she has been warning everyone willing to listen to her. However, she's the ONLY M.D. who has gotten to the heart of the heart of every matter that affects us all, believer and unbeliever.

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Non_Bel_Eever 3 months ago

⁣Don't let sunday scFOOL fog too much of goD's due in your whirled as His calling cards are pestilence, war, wild beasts & famine. Apparently hard at work. You know the old adage. No rest for the wicked.

YHWH repented from the thought and threat to do evil often per Genesis 6:6; Exodus [d]32:14[/d]; Judges 2:18; 1 Samuel 15:35; 2 Samuel 24:16; 1 Chronicles 21:15; Psalm 106:45; Jeremiah 26:19; Amos 7:3; Amos 7:6; Jonah 3:10

However it also says that YHWH repented not Zechariah 8:14; Jeremiah 20:16; to do the evil in these cases.

If a noun phrase, or a determiner phrase functions as the object of the sentence and functions there as a complete grammatical unit then someone tries denying its validity by requiring you to use it in a context setting or they get to declare it invalid which is fraudulent as anyone who uses context to invalidate a phrase.

For instance: Exodus [d]32:14[/d] 'the LORD repented of the evil which he thought to do unto his people.'
'he [the LORD] thought to do evil' is the determiner.

God thinks evil thoughts about his children?

And has to repent?

What context can you add or take away from this determiner phrase that can change its value or expression?

Spirit & Intent of JEHOVAH’S law
The structure of these curses is quite interesting:
tsav tsav tsav tsav qav qav qav qav ze`eyr ze`eyr
or more properly rye`ez rye`ez vaq vaqvaq vaq vast vast vast vast
Why this has all the hallmarks of psychological conditioning..... Sneaky.

This stems from Isaiah 28:10

‘precept upon precept precept upon precept line upon line line upon line here a little here a little’
The original language format registers in reverse because of the parent language structure inherent psychology and in this case shows
declination in an erosional process which does parallel law making. The more
laws the more draconian things are.

One has to consider the only other place in the Tenak where these exact words appear which is:

Isaiah 28:13 ‘the word of the JEHOVAH was unto them precept upon precept,
precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little, here a little:


One has to consider the source.

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1mchills 2 months ago

The Bible is also an historical testimony ie God's Will and Testament to Mankind. As such, the Spirit and intent of the Law in the Old Testament, every noun or determiner phrase was fulfilled by the Son of Man/Son of God - Jesus Christ. By accepting Jesus as the fulfillment of the Law and receiving God's Holy Spirit, the Law is now placed in our hearts. In this way, we are set free from the curse of the Law, because He gave Himself as the required sacrifice. To those who do not accept Jesus, the Law remains draconian, a curse as in Isaiah 28.13. Thank God, Jesus said 'If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed; 32And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free' (John.8.32).

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dixiechik 3 months ago

Dr. Day is very knowledgeable and everyone needs to hear this. But...her opinion about the Jews and being Vegan should not been included in this important video. People need to hear the vital information about COVID and the vaccines. But the opinionated views about the other topics is going to discredit her. Just sayin.

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ZoeLife 3 months ago

We are not safe to save unless we get over our craving for flesh food because the animals won't be safe from us, as they are obviously not safe from us now. We'll just want to keep eating them, hence, they aren't safe from us. In heaven (a temporary place) nothing dies. Therefore, no one eats dead animals. Adam and Eve ate a vegan diet (fruit, grain and vegetables) and they each lived nearly 1,000 years. Also, the eating of flesh food is one of the major causes of ill health, disease and shortened lifespan. The "jew" question is just as relevant. That word is found no where in the original Scriptures. It was the translators who wrote it in, in place of the word "judean" (Iudean - Greek). Unless you spend the time engaged in in-depth Bible study (while referencing the original Scriptures - Hebrew/Greek/English Interlinear Bible) you won't fully understand who controls - mostly from behind the scenes - organized religion, politics, orthodox medicine (and more) and the serious implications this has for the entire world and on our present (our past and near future) troubles. Dr. Day always presents the solutions in the midst of every trouble. If you are so inclined see: and - - - . All the best to you on the journey ahead.

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Vanessa Beeley Interview - Syria Under Attack Anew & BBC's Intimidation Game
03 Mar 2021
Vanessa Beeley Interview - Syria Under Attack Anew & BBC's Intimidation Game
Rex_Colt · 36 Views