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TheTruthHunter 19 Apr 2021
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Government as God (Part 2 - Yuri Bezmenov, The Great Reset, & China) - GROWING WARRIOR
17 May 2021
Government as God (Part 2 - Yuri Bezmenov, The Great Reset, & China) - GROWING WARRIOR
Jesus Christ is Lord · 37 Views

Dr Michael Yeadon Speaks Out On The Dangers Of mRNA Vaccines & The Illusion Of Covid19


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The Real Controllers of Humanity: The Papal Bloodlines -

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MahaAl 21 days ago

Brilliant interview, love Mike Yeadon!

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Enlightened02 27 days ago

I agree with everything he said except that NO one should take this poison jab...I would think that covid vaccine will be the MOST dangerous to elderly and the ill(it is mostly elderly and the sick vaccinated population that are dying from it) according to statistics...

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Hammer5 28 days ago

well this vaccine sounds like the perfect last stand. best way to get rid of the Useless Eaters as the Committee 300 have in their plans. nothing about covid make common sense. nor since February last year has it. If people are being censored, alternatives band, forceful advertising, mandatory status by stealth then this is not about a virus. This is about control and power. The issue is by whom for what and who will be left to witness.

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79UniqueIndividual 28 days ago

⁣They are not vaccinating me. They don't know me!

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TedB2 28 days ago

⁣Amazing , courageous message. Michael has come such a long way. But I must protest his recommendation that the frail and elderly consider taking the vaccines because: 1. There were no trials on at risk people. 2. If fit people struggle to cope with the vaccines, the frail and elderly have little chance. 3. It is clear that the elderly were targeted in 2020. Why would the vaccine not be more of the same? 4. It would be the perfect crime. No questions asked. No autopsies. "They died of their old age and comorbidities". 5. Statistically, the risk of these groups dying from the vaccine will surely still exceed the risk of dying from covid. But of course, most of these folk will not be given a choice. They have been abandoned to the vax by everyone.

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Government as God (Part 2 - Yuri Bezmenov, The Great Reset, & China) - GROWING WARRIOR
17 May 2021
Government as God (Part 2 - Yuri Bezmenov, The Great Reset, & China) - GROWING WARRIOR
Jesus Christ is Lord · 37 Views