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Blamerican Patriota
Blamerican Patriota 18 Jul 2021
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Live Music, Covid Test & A Death JAB Anyone?
01 Aug 2021
Live Music, Covid Test & A Death JAB Anyone?
PetrafiedNews · 113 Views

Dr.Peter McCullough Warns High of Blood Clots & Death by


These Satanist intentions are to Commmit mass genocide. Any dr that recommend. CV19 Jab want you dead. to get pairdd

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LINER011 12 days ago

"inadvertantly" , are you sure about that?

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Iceman45 13 days ago

The plan is to kill 7.2 Billion. It's not experimental it's a fucking bioweapon.

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Lobe 14 days ago

⁣As the adverse reactions, injuries and deaths from the various experimental COVID-19 vaccines continue to compound on
America’s VAERS , UK Yellow Card and EU Eudravigilance reporting systems, the mainstream media and governments
have adopted an unofficial policy of Omerta – systematically ignoring the continually alarming data sets which show
unprecedented levels of vaccine injuries and deaths.
[ ] also:

Reports of Vaccine Adverse Events in VAERS
Thru July 9, 2021:

10,991 COVID Vaccine Related Deaths/20,513 Total Deaths
30,781 COVID Vaccine Related Hospitalizations/108,260 Total
463,456 Vaccine Adverse Event Reports
What is VAERS?
The U.S. Government collects reports of adverse health events that follow the administration of a vaccine.
This database, called the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) is available for anyone to use.

A friend asked, WTF is going on? My first reply was, You do not want to know! Then, I repented and said:
In the past virus pandemic (Swine Flu), when vaccines were jabbed into people and just a few met adverse events,
being neurologically injured and/or killed, the vaccinations were, immediately, stopped.
Now, the number of adverse effects and deaths are being withheld in the U.S. by: MSM, Big Tech social platforms,
most members of Congress, federal departments management etc. U.S. leaders Biden, Harris, Trump and Pence support the Vaccines from HELL?
Biden wants to go after people and at home. Imagine That!

Bill Gates found the perfect method to de-populate the Earth. He has the money and connections.

The Forever Vaxers are demonic sadists. They ignore the fact that they are committing Crimes Against Humanity.
Unethical Human Experimentation is Numero Uno.

All the mRNA and Viral Vector vaccines have Not completed the clinical trials period (thru 2023).
A bogus and misleading Emergency edict was issued; it was not necessary.
Here is the PROOF that covid-19 was downgraded in March 2020

UPDATED - How Many People Are the Vaccines Killing?
16 July 2021-

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Caerus 14 days ago

"will we be rendering the young people infertile..?"
Ask Bill Gates about it..if he's smirking and giggling the answer is 100% yes

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LINER011 12 days ago

They want to 'leap frog' the FDA approval before the flood-gate of deaths make any approval impossible.

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Mark Maloney
Mark Maloney 14 days ago

⁣There is no covid-19 virus, there never was. Mr. Mullis’s PCR amplification process does not test for a specific virus. Yes, it amplifies RNA/DNA fragments, but it cannot tell you what the amplified fragments of a random sample belong to. The PCR amplification process was designed to take a known (isolated and pure) RNA/DNA fragment sample of something and multiply it so there is enough of it to use for research. There are hundreds of different kinds of coronaviruses in the world, they range from colds to flu's; the PCR amplification process has no idea what has been amplified. Taking a nasal sample with hundreds of different RNA/DNA contaminates cannot isolate one from another. It cannot specifically differentiate the flu from any other coronavirus or genetic fragment. The elusive convid-19 was never isolated, purified, verified, and visualized according to a scientific method called Koch’s postulates; it is not possible to distinguish it from any other genetic material. The test is not valid in testing for the alleged convid-19 virus on any level. Mr. Mullis [Dec 28, 1944-Aug 7, 2019] won the Nobel Prize for inventing the PCR amplification process. He died just four months before the alleged covid-19 virus was declared. Had he lived; he would have pulled the plug on using the PCR test to detect a specific virus, thus making it impossible to lock down the world and destroying global economies and lives. What is going one is a global coup. Humanity is being enslaved by nefarious misanthropic entities.

Hear is Kary Mullis , the inventor of the PCR amplification process, calling Dr. Fauci a fraud: 2:05 minutes…

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Live Music, Covid Test & A Death JAB Anyone?
01 Aug 2021
Live Music, Covid Test & A Death JAB Anyone?
PetrafiedNews · 113 Views