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Kristall 19 Aug 2021
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The Considerations People Have About The NuPresentation
25 May 2022
The Considerations People Have About The NuPresentation
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⁣Dr. Shawn Brooks | Those Who Have Taken the mRNA Vaxx Will Die Within 5 Years


⁣⁣Dr. Sean Brooks At SW Ohio School Board Meeting - Transcript August 18, 2021
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Dr. Shawn Brooks | Those Who Have Taken the mRNA Vaxx Will Die Within 5 Years

Dr. Sean Brooks At SW Ohio School Board Meeting, Those Who Have Taken the mRNA Vaxx Will Die Within 5 Years, August 18, 2021

⁣Dr. Sean Brooks at SW Ohio School Board Meeting - Transcript 8.18.21

From the video 4:00 min at

Transcript via by PGB on 8.18.21

My name is Dr. Shawn Brooks, PhD, Oxford. I have 48 publications, including 23 books. I've studied health medicine, anatomy, and physiology for approximately 21 years.

Dr. Robert Malone, who created the messenger RNA [mRNA] vaccine has said no one should ever take these jabs ever, under any circumstance whatsoever –
He created it!

And he says - Don't ever do it!

So let me explain what's going to happen to people who have taken, taken, excuse me - the people who have taken it – [they] are going to die in the next six months to three to five years, for three reasons.

Number one, you have dramatically decreased your own immune system by 35%. The first jab did it by at least 15. The second did it by 35. Now - if you take any booster shot, you will die. That's it. You take a flu shot in the future, you will die.

The second reason - antibody dependent enhancement and antibody dependent enhancement is what is happening with these jabs with everybody who has taken them - unless of course you've taken a placebo. But there's no way that you would know that. So given that fact, antibody dependent enhancement tricks the entire body into believing that the cell that's eating the pathogen is eating it when it isn't, it ends up leading to what's called a cytokine storm, which causes organ failure. That will cause your death - and there's no stopping that no amount of drugs will stop that.

The third thing - blood clotting. Everyone who has taken the jab gets blood clots. If you don't believe me, there's a way you can find out. Take what's called a D-Dimer test. What that does, is that detects blood clotting at the microscopic level. We’re cutting full blood clots out of people right now as I'm talking to you.

Millions have died from the jabs.

In your last [SW Ohio School Board] meeting, you advocated for people to take the jams potentially in the future, along with wearing masks - and I heard parents say the same thing. So to the parents who are actually considering jabbing their own children, you're going to sterilize them permanently. People who have taken the jabs are sterilized. 80% of [pregnant] women who have been jammed have lost their children in the first trimester.

You can't have kids. You've also injected yourself with the equivalent of HIV.

You can now no longer breastfeed, donate blood, donate organs, donate blood plasma, nor bone marrow. If you don't believe me, try to donate blood and blood plasma and find out what happens. You will be denied. Unless of course you live in California, in which case they're allowing people to donate toxic blood with spike proteins in it.

The jabs create spike proteins. They're in the jabs themselves. And they create it by snapping your RNA in half.

You're no longer a human anymore. You're something else - and you're susceptible to countless diseases.

Now here's what's going to happen in the future - very quickly.

(You have 15 seconds.)


I don't know what percentage of your staff is taking the jabs - but your school is going to close - you will not stay open. You will close because they will fall ill and they will die. That will happen in all of your buildings. It will have its way – it’s already happening -

(All right - thank you sir.)

I bet it is.

It's already happening - and - good luck.

(Thank you...)

Nothing can stop it.

(Thank you sir.)

Thank you!

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NHS111 9 months ago

⁣LoL- He does talk rubbish - He's not who he claims! ⁣

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infj33 9 months ago

It's not so far-fetched to lend credence on a de-population agenda. We have already entered into a Grand Solar Minimum (GSM), probably around 2012 and it will last into the 2050's before it transforms into the next cycle. This is the science that the sun plays a major role in earths climate, not man-made global warming as governments would have you think. In the GSM the overall temperature of the planet cools but it's not necessarily an ice age. There will be hot seasons and cold seasons like we're having now but weather will be out-of-season and sometimes violent. More earthquakes and volcanic activity and more rain/water type events. This will have a major impact on agriculture in most areas of the world. Some areas will actually be better. In the end it's all about feeding a population that continues to grow. When people don't have food they riot and society crumbles. It's quite possible that there are people at the top of the food chain that are orchestrating this pandemic, in part for this reason - to lesson the blow during the GSM. Fewer mouths to feed preserves society. I don't subscribe to someone playing God with my life because there are other ways to mitigate this coming delimma without putting putting people through this kind of hell. As far as Dr. Brooks, well he may be right but I would say not everyone who took the mRNA or viral vector injections will die in 3-5 years but most will certainly develop auto-immune diseases that will ultimately shave years off peoples lives. Peoples immune systems will be compromised so getting over a cold will not be as easy as it was pre-injection and it will only get worse. Fertility issues are almost certain. At this point, I'm concerned that those who are able to get pregnant will give birth to babies that have major health issues. We will see.

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takeoffyourmask 9 months ago

.....and they'll blame it on the unvaccinated. P.S. "You have 15 seconds"....they couldn't care less

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listen2me 9 months ago

Oh my Lord!
If the human blood is intoxicated, all those patients that need it for surgery will have none available!!
Are you seing the picture here?????

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Jeddwh 9 months ago

which jabs have the mRNA ?

   1    0
tamifrou 9 months ago

I am not certain but I believe the J&J is the only one that does not have the mRNA. If somebody can confirm, that would be most appreciated (not that I’m getting any of them)!

   0    1
tazz366 9 months ago

that is false

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tazz366 9 months ago

they all have it, goto j&j website and find the covid19 vac' info.

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