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Kristall 19 Apr 2021
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American Prophets of Baal God Has Had Enough!
16 May 2021
American Prophets of Baal God Has Had Enough!
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Dr Sherri Tenpenny & Dr Lee Merritt | The Medical Industry Has Been Weaponized


⁣April 18, 2021. Dr. Merritt has been in the private practice of Orthopedic and Spinal
Surgery since 1995, has served on the Board of the Arizona Medical
Association, and is past president of the Association of American
Physicians and Surgeons. She has had a long interest in wellness and
fitness and has been certified by the American Academy of Anti-Aging

She is married and the proud mother of two sons, one
of whom carries on the fourth-generation medical tradition as a General
Surgeon, and the other, with a real job as an Electrical Engineer. In
her spare time, Dr. Merritt raises chickens, gardens and enjoys a rural
Midwest lifestyle.

Today, we discussed her perspectives on
COVID, the uselessness of masks (from a surgeon's perspective!), the
fraud of the PCR testing, the interesting perspective that nearly 90% of
people with serious COVID infection are type-A blood type, the
importance of vitamin D and so much more! We packed a ton of information
into this hour. Don't miss it - and please share!

If you
enjoyed this interview, just wait till you hear our Deep Dive. The 90
minute Deep Dive conversation I had with Dr. Lee Merritt was one of the
best discussions I think I’ve ever had on “All Things Covid.” We talked
about so many things, including who is REALLY behind this scam-demic and
the spiritual ramifications of changing our DNA. This is found in The
Tenpenny Files Premium area.

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ijbeakster 25 days ago

both powerhouses of love and light...

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speakyourmind 26 days ago

Thank you ladies for a fab interview. Its good to talk and the information you impart is priceless

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CODOHDOTCOM 26 days ago

⁣One of the first martyrs of Jew Finance was
America's epic hero, General Patton, Commander of the U.S. Army
invading Germany, the "knight of the armoured divisions". A
descendant of the American pioneers, he thought of Nazism as a
satanic evil. The propagandists, journalists and statesmen said so,
anyway, so far as he was aware. He arrived in Germany hating it.
He believed that the nazis must be punished. Then, a German dairymaid living in the neighbourhood of his H.Q. happened to come
his way, and during a casual conversation she told him about the
things happening behind the "villa of the commandant", i.e. his
house. She described how the milk intended for the cities was dumped
in the roads by the military police on the order of the Morgenthau
boys, how, no longer Nazis but ordinary German soldiers were
detained in crowded internment camps just because they did their
duty, how the workers had been expelled from their homes out of
revenge by the former inmates of the concentration camps, and how
Jewish doctors in the hospitals recommended that every fourth newborn baby should be killed with an injection because there was not
enough milk.

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CODOHDOTCOM 26 days ago

⁣Josef Mengele – the Creation of a Myth.
⁣We get an idea what the basis of the “Mengele Myth” is if we listen to one of the most-determined Nazi hunters of the world, the Israeli Efraim Zuroff. While hunting for Josef Mengele during the 1980s, he stumbled upon the remarkable fact that survivors immediately after the war did not describe Mengele as the same evil criminal as he was portrayed in the 1980s or even later. Sifting through newsletters published right after the war by and for “survivors,” he came across the (false) news that Mengele had been arrested in early 1947. On that occasion, survivor newsletters asked their readers for incriminating testimonies against Mengele, and such testimonies were then even published. But, as Zuroff summarizes:[3]

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CODOHDOTCOM 26 days ago

JudithVega is that 1 Shekel or 2

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American Prophets of Baal God Has Had Enough!
16 May 2021
American Prophets of Baal God Has Had Enough!
WorkingforLove · 1 Views