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Energy Crises & Everything Shortages – Keiser Report
16 Oct 2021
Energy Crises & Everything Shortages – Keiser Report
srmgin · 90 Views

⁣Ernst Wolff ~ WEF & Financial Goals Behind the Corona Crisis (English subtitles)


⁣⁣Dr. Reiner Fuellmich | Ernst Wolff ~ Informationen über WEF (English subtitles)

A full report from economic expert and journalist, Ernst Wolff, about the World Economic Forum networks operating behind the scenes to bring about the necessary conditions in politics / global society to implement the change to digital currency, identity, health status etc encapsulated in the ideology of Klaus Schwab and 'The Great Reset'. Is the outcome a foregone conclusion? Wolff thinks not and speaks of a window of opportunity to enlighten the average citizen and avoid a slide into digital slavery. Video is in German with English subtitles.

Thanks a million to LongXXvids for the prompt answer to my request :)

Clip from: - (48:20 - 1:40:19). This Content Is Mirrored. Please support the original creator. All credit, royalties and sincere thanks to the original source of this video.
Ernst Wolff’s Channel: - - Deutsch.

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, Ernst Wolff, Informationen über WEF, English subtitles, August 13 2021.

Ernst Wolff ~ WEF & Financial Goals Behind the Corona Crisis (English subtitles), August 13, 2021

Ernst Wolff, WEF, Financial Goals Behind the Corona Crisis (English subtitles), August 13 2021 - ⁣Notable members and alumni of Young Global Leaders include:[9]

Jacinda Ardern
Lera Auerbach
Sergei Brin
Anderson Cooper
Leonardo DiCaprio
Ólafur Elíasson
Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck
Sebastian Kurz
Ashton Kutcher
Jack Ma
Emmanuel Macron
Larry Page
Michael Schumacher
Charlize Theron
Fasi Zaka
Mark Zuckerberg

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SebDangerfield 27 days ago

⁣There’s only one way this can end, that it MUST end.

We cannot go back to the “old normal” because such was never really “normal”, not if justice and equity should form part of humanity’s rights, in the “normal” course of events.

Humankind has not known “normal” since the first industrial revolution, in the eighteenth century when FREEDOM to till one’s own small patch of land and raise domestic quantities of livestock (albeit with all the inherent risks of drought, crop failure, disease and pestilence) was sacrificed in exchange for a more certain, whilst indentured, regular living “wage”.
Thus, men became enslaved and could even be conscripted to fight in their masters’ greed inspired wars of imperialism, conducted on foreign lands.

Governments must be dismantled and smaller, more local, “Administrations” must replace “Governance”. These must be ran by Administrators and Managers, not by “Leaders”. Their work and actions must be monitored and each be held personally and collectively accountable for corruption and other acts of malfeasance.

Political “parties” must be abolished and each Administrator be required to operate and vote upon proposals individually rather than be “whipped” into supporting any collective (partisan) agenda.

“Applications” for vacant positions should not exist with each would-be Administrator being proposed and contested by those NOT already holding similar positions, whereupon the candidates are voted for, by the regular populace and with no votes being afforded to existing, or previous, Administrators.

A “New World Order” (a new normal) indeed, but one of OUR choosing – not the Plutocrats or their puppets.

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LuciaT 27 days ago

Serco is a Brit company run by the grandchildren of Churchill. The seem to do subcontracting work from Brit and other governments, espescially in running private prisons, police etc. They are very worrying, and have vast amounts of money.

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MrsSpillane 27 days ago

Gawd - Ardern, Brin, Macron and Zuckerberg aren't that young to my certain knowledge.

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Georgia4388 26 days ago

Justin Trudeau was among their graduating class, along with numerous others. This has been like a growing virus since 1997.

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Georgia4388 26 days ago

Bit by bit they've been infiltrating all the countries and I suspect moved directly into power by control of the votes as they are counted. All rigged.

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DivineTruth 27 days ago

⁣Learn about legalese and the tricks used to entrap you into contracts. This link has the best free information I have found on the internet explained in PLAIN ENGLISH. Please go to the channel and watch the videos, whilst the law referenced is UK law you need only check your local legislation to apply it to your country or state

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Energy Crises & Everything Shortages – Keiser Report
16 Oct 2021
Energy Crises & Everything Shortages – Keiser Report
srmgin · 90 Views