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PetrafiedNews 23 Oct 2021
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UN Agenda 2030 exposed_original
28 Nov 2021
UN Agenda 2030 exposed_original
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EU Parliament Opposes Vaccine Mandate Agenda



⁣EU Parliament Opposes Vaccine Mandate Agenda

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Superflurient 28 days ago

⁣Your Doctors Cannot And Are Not Allowed To Give You A Vaccine Under Duress Or Coercion.

If You Have Signed A Waver To Get A Vaccine And You Have Gotten This Vaccine Simply Because You Have Been Put Under Fear, Duress And Coersion That Waver Is Invalid! This Contract In Law Is Invalid. If It Is Signed Under Fear, Duress, Or Coersion!

Now If Anyone Enforces A Medical Procedure And Intrusive Medical Service Such As MRNA Gene Therapy Injections They Are Not Vaccines! If Anybody Does This Against Your Will And Forces You That Is A Crime! It Is A Crime Of Tresspass On The Body Grievous Harm And Assault Which Is A Criminal Charge!

Now If Anybody Has Signed These Waivers And Has Done This Under Fear, Duress And Coersion Then You've Got A Case!

The Australian Commonwealth Government Has Got No Power At All. It Has Got No Authority Over Health Services. The Only Thing They Are Allowed To Do Is Fund. The Role Of The Commonweath Government! Section 51 23A You Will See Medical And Dental Services, Child Endowment, Widows Pension, Take Note At The End Of Each Of Those Benefits, Services Pension.

The State Do Have The Right To Make Laws Regarding Health. Regulatory Laws That Are Only Applicable To The Regulatory Medical Practitioners! They Have Got No Say And No Authority To Regulate Us. We The People! THIS IS ABSOLUTELY ULTRA VIRES!

Our Medical Records And Anything To Do With Your Heath Is A Private Contact In Law Between Yourself And Your Doctor! No Third Party Can Intervene! THIS Is Well Established In Case Law! BREEN v Williams Chief Justice Brennan At Paragraph 3 He Reiterates This Its A Private Contract In Law. No Third Party, No Government, No Lawyer Can Intervene!

Now The Same Thing Goes For Your Medical Records. No One Has Got The Right To Ask You For Your Medical Records It Is Strictly Private And Confidential! We Are All Being Held Under Fear!

THIS IS ALL BLUFF, MIRRORS, AND INTIMIDATION! They Cannot Get Away With This It is Absolutely Unlawfull!

The Law Of Australia Is The Constitution! We The People Are United Under The Commonweath That Was The Perpose Of Federation!

Freedom Of Movement

We Use In Our High Court - Supreme Court Law From The USA Crandall v The State Of Nevada 73 U.S 35 (1867) Since all citizens have the right to move around freely, a state cannot impose taxes that interfere with their ability to leave. To Cross The Soil Of Our Nation Across All Boundaries And limits To Access The Seat Of Government To Accert Our Claim! NOW WE THE PEOPLE ARE THE POWER! GET RID OF THE TWO PARTIES THEY HAVE CRUISIFIED AUSTRALIA!

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Tassos 1 month ago

little bit to late i think !! just to cover there behinds.

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ted4bz 1 month ago

⁣It is great to see you people catching on, even tho it is late in the game it would have been best that everyone hopping of this speeding train that is destined to crash into a stone mountain ahead had not boarded this wild hijacked vehicle at all. After doing the biddings of these demons we find ourselves struggling to unshackle ourselves from the chains binding us all. It is time not to beg for our rights to be respected, but rather to respect our very own inalienable rights and exercise it to the fullest, we need not beg anyone for this, just exercise it. Let’s stop playing this silly pretend game, we know what’s going on. It is time to slap the shackles on the perpetrators of this hoax and cast them deep into the dungeons of Krakatoa, for all eternity. It is time to act, get active.

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Superflurient 1 month ago

⁣Tri-Partite Chimara!

22 Nations On Planet Earth Have B-SL4 Labs, Bio Safety Level 4. IN These Labs They Make Deadly Pathogens. 16 Nations Stockpile Genetic Bioweapons. Sars Covid 2 Is An Offensive Biological Agent Made In A Lab And Engineered With Gain- Of-Function Properties. FEB 20/20 Dr Francis Boyle Concludes:

Sars-Covid-2 Is A Tri-Partite Chimara, Composed Of 1. Sars Already Weaponized 2.Then Enhansed By Gain-Of-Function Of Properties. 3. Genetically Re-Combined With HIV Virus That Causes AIDS.

HIV AIDS Is A Retrovirus That Uses MRNA To Get Into A Cell Then Re-Converted To DNA!

"In Response To Vaccine" PT1

Who Is Behind The International Push To Kill Millions Of People

MONOPOLY - Who owns the world? [MUST SEE]


⁣Oct23rd Dr. Carrie Madej Shows Parasites In The Covid-19 Vaccines AI Transhumanism Nanobots Hydroge

Catherine Austin Fitts & Corey Lynn on Vaccine ID Passports

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1 month ago

I agree with what they say but Europe would be better of without an EU Parliament oh and btw covid-19 does not even exist so cut all the covid crap !

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UN Agenda 2030 exposed_original
28 Nov 2021
UN Agenda 2030 exposed_original
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