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dailyeagle 20 Jan 2021
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My talking pet reads the NuArticle:  "EVERYONE IS a 'PreciousView"
05 Mar 2021
My talking pet reads the NuArticle: "EVERYONE IS a 'PreciousView"
NuKevin · 17 Views

Everyone gets ARRESTED in DC: Censor-friendly version


Everyone gets ARRESTED in DC: Censor-friendly version
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Screaming, Squealing Talons of Truth...

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Show Notes:

The weekend of Jan. 16-17 right before the 2021 U.S. Presidential Inauguration sees Washington D.C. on total military lockdown,, with double perimeter, 30K National guard troops, and disruption of cellphone service, among other unusual developments: including the massive purge of social media accounts on FB, twitter & Youtube; the sudden resignation of multiple European governments; and other unusual circumstances, such as the refusal of the Biden team to attend their own practice ceremony, supposedly for "security concerns," which makes no sense whatsoever, considering the extremely tight level of military and law enforcement presence in & around DC.

It's almost as if authorities were really locking everyone INSIDE central DC, rather than keeping the rest of the American public OUT. This is a speculation, an opinion, but mere mention of the thought gets people banned online. Also any word of the Q stuff is completely verboten. What does that tell you?

This video touches upon those issues ever so slightly, but mostly explores a suspicious fire earlier in the week, considered an arson, destroying the former home of a late member of the Church of Satan, located in the ghetto area of Poughkeepise, NY, nearby the Satanic world headquarters church. We reveal their secret location plus the existence of an underground cave beneath the neighborhood. We direct you to the Hive link a the top of these show notes, and if you're watchin this on YT please be advised they are "suspended" from America, so you must go to our other freedom-loving platforms to watch the entire thing, because YT hates America. We urge you to sign up on the various alternative video platforms, also Hive and etc. Thanks for watching, and "Just Say #MAGA!"

Suspicious fire damages Poughkeepsie's 'Halloween house'
A suspicious fire damaged a historic home in Poughkeepsie early Thursday, City Fire Chief Mark Johnson said. The fire decimated the home, known to many as the "Halloween House," on Route 44 and South Clinton Street, and displaced 10 people.

Poughkeepsie arson: Satanists mourn loss of 'Halloween house'
POUGHKEEPSIE – While locals mourn the loss of the historic “Halloween House,” burned down to its bones by arson on Thursday morning, members of the Church of Satan are grieving a prominent piece of their history.

Losing the South Clinton Street home has evoked sadness for members of the church as they remember its former owner, Joe "Netherworld" Mendillo, a high-ranking member who died in January of last year.

The house, which was built in 1900, was bought in October by Matthew Camp, who could not be reached for comment. Netherworld had built up the home to be an exotic showplace of his beliefs, but also a place for the community to come together and celebrate Halloween.

Satanic Warlock: RIP Joe netherworld

Remembering Joe Netherworld

America’s Favorite Satanist

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Jaygo 1 month ago

⁣Well, Little do Christians know, they've been worshiping Satan the whole
time. Given to them by their evil and Vile Created Religions of
Catholicism and Christianity, who taught them a New and Different Roman
Christ by the name of Jesus/Hail Zeus. they've been given and been
worshiping a different Image, Name and Doctrine of Christ. which is why
the Very 1st thing Christ, the Real Christ (Yashayah) warned when asked
what will be the sign of the End and his Coming, He said a Great
deception will come from the People coming in His name.. Christians, and
they will Deceive MANY..which is why Christianity is the Biggest
religion on Earth. The world has been given to the hand of the Wicked
ALL, Every single government is AntiChrist and is at war against their
own Citizens.. But, it still blows my mind why Christians, who Know
Satan control the world, Why he would ever allow the Biggest Religion on
Earth during his rule, become what it is if it wasn't serving him..
But, He used them for what he needed them for and No longer need
Christianity, so he's utterly destroying it, Burning it down. and
LITERALLY burning down the Churches. What's sad about it is.. Christians
, at lleast most of them actually believed they were really following
Christ and the God of the Israelites. in spite of their Bible saying the
complete opposite. These people have very very hard and dark times
ahead. They were warned and ignore it.. Fishing season is Over. Hunting
season has begun. The Most High and Christ Sent people to them to warn
them/Fish them out, those who took heed will be guided through what's
coming. After Fishing season, The Most High sends Hunters out to bring
hell on all those who rejected.. like i said, these people have no idea
what's coming.

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My talking pet reads the NuArticle:  "EVERYONE IS a 'PreciousView"
05 Mar 2021
My talking pet reads the NuArticle: "EVERYONE IS a 'PreciousView"
NuKevin · 17 Views