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srmgin 21 Sep 2021
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Klaus says proudly himself: infiltration of 50% of cabinet
26 Jan 2022
Klaus says proudly himself: infiltration of 50% of cabinet
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Explosive! Croatian President SAYS NO MORE VACCINES!


⁣The narrative is starting to fall apart. The FDA is saying no to boosters and the jab, countries like Japan and Brazil and some other Latin America ones are promoting Ivermectin, Desantis seems to be holding strong.............the tide could be turning! Let the trials commence!

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4 months ago

God bless him....Croatia could be my future home. Dad was born in Fiume then an Italian ciry ( now Rijeka ) I wonder if i have a right of return, especially if I am seeking asylum!?

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patrick588 4 months ago

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pedronumerouno 4 months ago

at last, someone in europe with sense. the blatant lies around the non existant covid are stupid to the point,nyou would think a three year old made up the rules whilst playing with an imaginary friend. the covid virus never existed. FACT. it has never been isolatd anywhere in the world. the governments, the corupt, unfit for purpose W.H.O, as described after its part in the 2009 swine flu scamdemic. it was corupt and unfit for purpose and we needed to find a better way to monitor the worlds viruses and bugs.. so what happened the corupt unfit for purpose org that no pne elected, no one voted for is still here conning the citizens out of there sleeping contract funings. which kick in when the W.H.O gets a sniffle now, since they dropped important parts of the necessary criteria to call a plandemic. like bodies, like a number of infected persons, like a lot of infected persons, eminating out from a central core, were the aleged infection is said to have originated from. now one of the bill gates funded W.H.O, gets a runny nose its a plandemic. they really are corupt, they really are unfit forbpurpose, and this time we need to get rid of them and bail out of its parent org, the UN, which is pretending there is. climate crisis, when clearly there is not. its rob the public by big pharma, by big banks, by military inustrial ilegal invasion wars. complex at the top or behind this constant taxing of the public is the zionist rothchilds who have been running a fraudulent banking system for over 100 years. they have created wars for profit and thinning the herd. like the nato bombing of yugoslavia. the arab springs, ww1 and part 2 of ww1. korean war, vietnamese war, japan, china, afghanistan, which was just a public funds laundering exercise. the concentration camps in poland and germany, the goulags in the communist state of russia, which they created by sending trotsky from merica to over throw the tsar. the millions they watched die for profit and because they do not like the worlds population. sounds a bit different now doesnt it. how about the real name gor the holocaust, being holomodor. check it out. the real mass murder.

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Erna 4 months ago

hopefully coatia is NOT in the EU?

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Yammiman 4 months ago

Brazil and now Croatia. Slowly, slowly....wakey wakey.

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Anti Terrorism
Anti Terrorism 4 months ago

African leaders died at the beginning of this world wide pandemic to the highly contagious and deadly truth virus.

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Klaus says proudly himself: infiltration of 50% of cabinet
26 Jan 2022
Klaus says proudly himself: infiltration of 50% of cabinet
DailyLifeMedia · 2 Views