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Waking The Future 19 Sep 2021
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Feelin' Blue 2021
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FDA Shoots Down Boosters? But Not The Initial Jabs... Wake Up Call 09-19-2021


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In an 8 hour call with Drs. chiming in and giving their opinions the FDA has not approved the booster jabs. This is a partial victory because they have not condemned the initial jabs.

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KarenOnj45 27 days ago

Hаvе you еvеr triеd сybегsеx?
Lеt’s give еaсh other рleаsuгe tоnight!

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NicholasEnnos 28 days ago

Luckily there are very few people who are vaccine hesitant. They won't touch it with a bargepole.

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WrightC 28 days ago

It's the stick and carrot. They have to look like they are researching the data but it's just to push the jabs so more people will think that it's only the boosters that are not ok. If they were researching the data they would be stopping all jabs.

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dob121074 28 days ago

only when everyone realises that the "virus" was made for the jab and NOT the other way round will they stop rolling up their sleeves ,, their goal is to get ALL jabbed up chipped and "marked" ( not to mention the depop agenda ) The "virus" was just stuck out there to scare ppl into takin it..

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MaryJMora 28 days ago

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Feelin' Blue 2021
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