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20 Jan 2022
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18 May 2022
Only Wise Potentate and King
Larry Phillips · 16 Views

FINAL RED CARD: Flies are Dropping Like Vaxxed Soccer and Tennis Players!


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⁣3 Tennis Players Drop Out of Aussie Open
Pedro Martinez and Federico Delbonis rush to the aid of a ball boy who collapsed at the Australian Open this morning.
Brazilian Football Player Alex Apolinario 24 Years Old Dies After
Suffering a Cardiorespiratory Arrest That Caused Him to Collapse During a
Match in Portugal
Footballer Mukhaled Al-Raqadi dies after heart attack in warm-up:
Croatian footballer Marin Cacic tragically dies aged 23 following collapse in training:
Alex Apolinario dead at 24: Brazil ace suffered cardiac arrest on pitch playing for Portuguese side FC Alverca:
List of footballers mysteriously dead published on the Department of
Health and Human Services Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral
Health (DPBH):
Collateral Damage Wikileaks Apache Helicopter Kills Journalists:
Mental Health Crisis:
Quebec to Heavily Tax the Unvaxxed:
Kanada: Ronald McDonald House to implement mandatory vaccine policy:
FDA extends shelf life for millions of expired coronavirus test kits in Florida:
Jerry Seinfeld Milk Stand-up Comedy:
Pfizer CEO says two Covid vaccine doses aren’t ‘enough for omicron’:

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MadDissident 4 months ago

You mthrfckrs are all talk!... There's NO BODY opossing this!...⁣Beijing CIA shils!

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HerculePoirot 4 months ago

Yes, it's cult-induced mass suicide, as opposed to genocide.

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Boxerdog11 4 months ago

This thing with the insurance companies not paying out to people who die from the vaccine is absolutely true because, after seeing a couple of videos of people on the phone to their insurance companies my friend called his &, on loud speaker he asked that question to which they said, "life insurance policies would not be paid because the vaccine is not an approved medical treatment". This was in the UK.

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lonewarrior 4 months ago

turkey shoot

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VincentArcher 4 months ago

The clip of Kazhakstan is old, and the security forces are now fully in control. Anyway, it was very convenient that there were arms stashes lying around, and also interesting that they seemed to act in a coordinated way. CIA sponsored color revolution comes to mind. Didn't suceed though.

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Only Wise Potentate and King
18 May 2022
Only Wise Potentate and King
Larry Phillips · 16 Views