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DaveyTut 24 Jan 2021
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ODD TV Presents PHARMAKEIA (Part One): YouTube Edition
02 Mar 2021
ODD TV Presents PHARMAKEIA (Part One): YouTube Edition

FLAT EARTH Clues Part 12 - Real Eyes - Mark Sargent ✅


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George Orwell
Tribune, 27 December 1946
Most people, if asked to prove that the earth is round, would not even bother to produce the rather weak arguments I have outlined above. They would start off by saying that ‘everyone knows’ the earth to be round, and if pressed further, would become angry. In a way Shaw is right. This is a credulous age, and the burden of knowledge which we now have to carry is partly responsible.

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mrevansisnumber1 1 month ago

⁣This Brain Teaser Is For You To Consider And Ponder On . . .

What If ?

We Are All Inside A Gigantic To Us Sealed 1 / 2 Spherical Aquarium / Terrarium Biodome Complex Construct, . . . . And No Bipedal Human Has Ever Left This Complex To Go Anywhere Near The Supposed Moon ? . . .

The Only Way Our Species Can Leave This Complex Is When The Creators Of This Complex, . . . And Their Workers Come Inside Here And Extract Us For Their Experiments, . . Then Bring Us Back Inside Here To Monitor Us . . . .

Bipedal Humans Are Not In The Fossil Record Of This Realm So We Are Not Originally From Here And Were / Are A Genetically Created Species By The Annunaki Some 470.000 + / - Years Ago As Their Slaves, Servants And Underground Diggers For Gold For Them . . .

NAZI ᛋᛋ NA$A Lie$ All The Time About Everything . . ;-(

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mrevansisnumber1 1 month ago

⁣Here Is A Longer Version Of The Buzzed Aldrin Truth Telling Video . . . ⁣


Here Is The Longer Version Of The Video Which Explains In More Detail What He Said To That Young Girl, And Why He And They Did Not Go There . . . $$$ . . . ⁣


If You Haven't Watched The Video At The URL Coming Up Watch It And Get Angry And Activated . . .

BUZZ ALDRIN - WE DIDN'T GO TO MOON (?) . . . . . . . .

Published on 24 Oct 2020 / In Film and Animation . . .

👉 In July 2018, a video appeared in social media that purportedly captured Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin, the supposed second man in history to supposedly set foot on the lunar surface, actually admitting to a young child that he never actually went to the moon. . . . . Oops . . . ;-0

However various nefarious information has given an alternative reality explanation of his sayings as if he said that FMRU$ has sent no missions back to the moon since the final Apollo spaceflight took place in December 1972, not asserting that he had never been to the moon in the first place. . .

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Robin_L 1 month ago

Great discussion video. The eyes are only a certain range of 3D perspective to the mind decoding machine.

I liked the Obi example. There was also the gold nugget of Yoda wisdom. " You must unlearn, all you have learned " . Something like that. That translates to, start removing the program you have been brainwashed into accepting as reality. Because it is not. Once you remove that programming. You start to sense and see the world as it is.

Much is hidden. The Water is the biggest clue. No way that clings to a ball, spinning faster than a washing machine that throws the water out wardswards spinning. The excuse that oh but the Earths magnetic core prevents that. That is also flawed. The power of that pull, over tons of gallons of water would not be enough. Also if the Earths magnetic pull was so strong to do that, we would all be flat fish. We would not be able to walk.

People may try refute that and say, no but our muscles have addapted to that , so we can walk. BS. The pull of the water in you, would have to pull us to the floor. No way our mass and muscles are so strong as to be able to resist a gravity pull that could hold tons of water down.

Just as , if you go deeper into water, neither can our body structure take all that weight ontop of us. The pressure would crush us. Hence flat fish, or creatures of a different particle frame make up.

Though there are electrical field of static. Ley Lines, as we live in a Matrix or holographic realm. As we are only living in a matrix particle avatar. Consciousness in a partice suit we can exist in here. In an energy particle world. It was shown as it is in the Matrix pretty much.

As for the ship going over the horizon too. That is what is known in technical drawing as the vanishing Point. I can remeber that from school. So our eyes work in that manner as a 3D. The graphics card in you head only creates that vision. So at a certain distance, that little dot of a ship on the horizon hits the vannishing point. Gone. Even its size perspective has shruk, lol. From a huge ship, to an ant spec. Yet is it really the same size ? Mass etc. Though you can hold it between you fingers visually.

If you had the Nicon 6000, I am most likely wrong about the exact name. But anyway, a digital camera. It as it is not like the human eye and program, can zoom in on the very ship that you think dissapeared over the curve. When no, its still there on the flat horizon. Just your eyes not designed to see it. If not, the camera would not be able to see it either.

As for gravity " Theory " , thats all it is, a fairy tale idea. There is only up and down, as the mass is denser than the air. Yet in the water it is lighter as the weight boyed by the air in it. Space between the particles. We are like a whipped icecream, more air space than particle mass .

The flat compass also gives it away. You would need a spehrical one to use it. Thats why they say plane ones are gyroscopic. But bs. If you were South, the needle of the compass would be stuck to the roof of its case. As you are down so low on the sphere. The magnetic North would pull the needle up. Unless it was in a liquid sphere itself.

So there is on the level plane an energy North field that pulls the needle towards it. Not up North. Hence someone worked out how to use that energy pull for a compass and directional movment to to navigate to a destination.

I am not saying the land does not undulate, in peaks and troughs. But it is not a sphere. Would be an adventure to try find the edge like , oh whos the guy in the Bible gets shown ? Anyway, to see what lies at the external paramiters. Thats most likely why no one can really go to Antarctica without permision. Something to hide.

Also these lying barstewards tell us there is no space, we are over populating the land. The scarcity psyops. There maybe vast areas , way, way beyond what we think we know. As been brainwashed to only believe to bauble globe they gave us. Could be infinate more lands. We just dont know for sure. Only our limited indoctrination prison.

We have been conned , and living in the great deception.

Thanks for the video, see how much hate mail I get ^^. Take care.

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ODD TV Presents PHARMAKEIA (Part One): YouTube Edition
02 Mar 2021
ODD TV Presents PHARMAKEIA (Part One): YouTube Edition