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NO_FACE_MASKS 02 Jul 2021
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Face Masks back in England thanks to the OMICRON variant
28 Nov 2021
Face Masks back in England thanks to the OMICRON variant
NO_FACE_MASKS · 646 Views

Food shortages start to hit ENGLAND


The lorry drivers have had enough, they are expected to take bullshit covid tests twice a week and get jabbed. So they quit, not lets see if BoJo and bald headed Sajid Javed can drive all of those lorries to put food on the shelves of the local supermarkets.

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Loanwolf88 5 months ago

⁣people really need to realise somethjng very important, go and read the bible..and very quickly you will realise this was all foretold thousands of years ago. way before lockdowns and covid many have received countless knocks on their doors from ones who for the past 120 years have been preaching a message of hope, a future for the earth and deliverance of mankind from corrupt rulers. jehovahs witnesses have long proclaimed mankinds deliverance would not come through mans hands, but God himself. here we are seeing the final chapters of the bible play out in front of our eyes yet many would still rather beleive aliens will arrive to save us, or that some man made uprising will succeed. look back through our history...did any such attempts to bring victory succeed? only now peoplle are noticing something strange happening in the world and are trying to speak up and alert everyone...but unfortunately no one is looking in the right place. Daniel 2:44 "⁣In the days of those kings the God of heaven will set up a kingdom that will never be destroyed. And this kingdom will not be passed on to any other people. It will crush and put an end to all these kingdoms, and it alone will stand forever." the prophet Daniel made it clear the God of heaven would be the one to bring an end to these corrupt rulers, not man. now is not the time to be trusting in mans institutions, financial system...please just take some time and speak with one of Jehovahs witnezses...what have you got to loose? they will help you understand the bible. please go to for more information. thanks

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Bolli01 5 months ago

Food shortages was a prediction within this scamdemic. To those of us have been awake for along time .We have been prepping

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Bella Rose
Bella Rose 5 months ago

⁣⚠ 🦠 💉🧬🩸

👩🏻‍⚖ ⚖👨🏻‍⚖ This is invaluable information relating to our Australian Federal Laws, which trump all individual State Laws, as well as our Federal Legal Rights in reference to “Bio-Security” and “Privacy”.

👩🏼‍⚕️ 💉👨🏼‍⚕️ It is illegal to force any Australian citizen to be Isolated &/or Vaccinated for Covid-19, as well as being denied entry into any public space or shop, and any employer requesting / demanding proof of vaccination, for any reason whatsoever.

👮‍♀️ 🔗 👮‍♂️ Under the attached video are links to the Federal Legislation referenced. I would strongly advise you to save these documents in your phone, as well as printing a copy to keep on or near you, so you can utilise it if or when necessary, to protect yourself from this lethal & experimental Vaccine (both killing & severely injuring thousands of people worldwide), and your rights to privacy.

🚷 🔐🚳 The more this information is shared, the less chance “they” have of continuing with these draconian lockdown measures in Australia.

🛂 ➡ 🆘 In addition to the above; If you are illegally fined in relation to the illegal acts being perpetrated by the Commercial Police Force (no longer a Government entity) please go to REBEL NEWS’:
For free legal representation in fighting your illegal fine, and also please donate to this fabulous cause helping hundreds or thousands of Aussies.
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🇦🇺 🌏 🤝 We’re all in this together, so…

💪🏼 🗣 🚫 Find your courage & your voice. Stand Up, Speak Out, & Say “No More!”

📲 ♻ 💬 Please share this post via text, email, &/ social media.

✌🏼 ❤ 🙏🏼 Peace, love & light to you all

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Davyot 5 months ago

Storage of Truck drivers doesn't start in the past few weeks - it would take years. THis is propaganda

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Muckie30 5 months ago

There had been a driver shortage for years, drivers are sick of the job low pay and long unsociable hours. I have a licence but refuse to drive unless they pay me a lot more.

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5 months ago

There are three easy steps that will stop this agenda in it's tracks. 1. Do not sell land or property to Blackrock. Until they have acquired these possesions from the people, they cannot crash the Economy. 2. Destroy your smartphone. If the population does not have them, they cannot implement Vax Cert Control 3. Avoid the Jibber Jabber at all costs. Stand firm - while we are still human - whilst we still can ⁣

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Face Masks back in England thanks to the OMICRON variant
28 Nov 2021
Face Masks back in England thanks to the OMICRON variant
NO_FACE_MASKS · 646 Views