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NO_FACE_MASKS 31 Jul 2021
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Based Canadians for FREEDOM
17 Sep 2021
Based Canadians for FREEDOM
srmgin · 110 Views

Freedom being taken away daily from the British Society


There is nothing the Brits can do about it, their corrupt government and scientists cause fear and panic daily and are determined to erode what little is left of their freedom.

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ziggy784 2 months ago

⁣Your Government are Lawless TERRORIST...We are at war, and the sooner you wrap your brains around that fact, the better off you will be. INVISIBLE RESISTANCE TO TYRANNY by Jefferson Mack http://www.earthlyfireflies.or....g/wp-content/uploads
A Proper March is when the People March in and VIOLENTLY Remove the Criminally Retarded Running Government.This All ENDS when Good People Unite and Exercise Brutal Deadly FORCE and Remove these Tyrant Public Servants.How Long will YOU wait? Oxford English Dictionary-((((Terrorism))))-Defined-1. Government by intimidation as directed and carried out by the party in power. "Evil People Rule the World....Once You Understand that,Your Future is Clear....You will either Destroy Them,Or They Will Destroy You..... What are YOU going to Do about it?"We shall have no real hope of the surviving the enemies arranged against us until we hang the traitors lurking among us. (Thomas Paine)The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil is that Good Men Do Nothing.. The sin of doing nothing is One of the deadliest of all the seven sins...Freedom is not Given. Freedom is TAKEN by DEADLY FORCE. Blind thy Enemy with mace,wasp spray,bear spray then split their Evil Skull with a lawn mower Blade......Fight the Good fight People,as Your Children are Depending on YOU.If You Believe You can Plea or Negotiate with Your Satanic Sodomite Child Raping OVERLORDS You are Completely DELUSIONAL,a Cuck,a moronic Coward going through the 'stage' of DENIAL in Your Cuck fucked Mentality.Show us (1) example in Your Derranged view of History where that happened.Your ONLY option is Fight or Flight.WAKE UP PEOPLE....WAKE UP NOW...Karma is a dish best served piping hot.What happens when the citizens wise up and start burning the police officers homes down while the cops are out and about during the day abusing their neighbors and citizens for their satanic child raping lunatic overlords? Asking for a friend.Sharing is Caring....share everywhere..the time is NOW for the people to plot and plan and Take a STAND.In the Near Future,becoming a Cop killer will be a Badge of Honor.DEBATE is OVER....Time to SLAY the Wicked is NOW...

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Brum68 2 months ago

This women makes me sick!
Had to turn it off her trap talking shite ruins my day😡👍

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greyscale 2 months ago

yeah genius level logic...give up our freedoms and then we'll regain our freedom... there's a special kind of moron emerging in our society today who need to be bound and gagged...then they'd be free.... their logic, not mine.
BTW mr speaker, we've had ingrained freedoms since The Magna Carter 1215...these "freedoms" still exist, they're just hidden ..most people don't deserve real freedom, they're not brave enough to live it.

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LesSmith 2 months ago

It is all so predictable. The sleeping will accept it. The awake will not.
"We will not be going quietly."

⁣The agenda:
Lockdowns >>> Experimental Drug Inj**tions
Experimental Drug Inj**tions >>> Health Passports
Health Passports >>> Implanted Microchips
All planned decades ago…

If you want to know more of where I am coming from, check out the articles on:

“Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand” (Matthew 4:17)

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TheGreatestCommandment 2 months ago

⁣Nehemiah 9:37 And it yieldeth much increase unto the kings whom thou
has set over us because of our sins: also they have dominion over our
bodies, and over our cattle, at their pleasure and we are in great

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Based Canadians for FREEDOM
17 Sep 2021
Based Canadians for FREEDOM
srmgin · 110 Views