Ryan Cole on how to identify a person killed by the COVID vaccine

1 K Views - Published on 13 Aug, 2022
Steve Kirsch discusses a variety of topics with Ryan Cole related to his expertise as a pathologist who specializes in COVID injuries and death.
The most shocking thing revealed in this video is that the CDC could easily determine how many people have likely been killed by the vaccine, but they are not interested in instructing the medical examiners in how to look for vaccine-related deaths both during the exam and after the exam. We have 14,000 deaths that should be investigated and the government should compensate those victims. It's a simple test. They won't do it.
They are not interested in contacting Dr. Cole for details.
Their mission is to vaccinate people and to look the other way when it comes to safety.
We talk about vaccine injury, what causes it, how to treat it, and why doctors cannot see it (all their tests come up negative.


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