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16 Jan 2022
DailyLifeMedia · 2 Views

Game Over Man - Pauls Last Live Show - UFOLOGY is UFOOLOGY - Debunks+Best UFO cases OT Chan Live-480


⁣#UAP #UAPS #offworldcraft #aliens #aliens #fraudchannels
#UFOLOGY #AfieldofLies #misinformation #disinformation

Topics with Chapters (TimeStamps)
(0) complete after the show! its Live unscripted!

[00:00] (1) Gen Chat and wait for people to join the live show

[01:33] (2) Statement why this weekends shows are the last for the Year
various factors from lack of support, google destroyed the channel, lack of interactions
its not just about the money and what I can do for UFOLOGY but no point
if no one listens and most UFO folks stuck in the ENTERTAINMENT mind Set
and not Real Answers and TRUTH research Mind Set.
[16:00] (2c) 4 main reasons Charts Made by Paul so its clear.
[33:00] (2d) Paul repeats a google search to show NOT one of his videos
760+ are not shown in the results! This has destroyed my 6 years of
hard work bringing TRUTH to the community.
[49:29] (2e) OT Chan stats for life time money/traffic/subs
showing 33 percent of subs removed by google BOT.
[54:50] (2f) Paul OT Chan challenges other UFO channels to
show their same stats espc frauds TPOM, Secureteam and
[01:03:00] (2g) Paul proves all his traffic is mostly USA UK and NZ/AUS
not Eastern or India where bought traffic comes from.
[01:07:00] (2h) Openlines for anyone to join to chat.
John tried but his wifi was dropping and not fast enough

[01:26:45] (3) look over more BS viral videos and my my analysis of them
[01:28:00] (3b) Thirdphase alleged ghost video . Paul breaks it down
to what it really is.
[01:43:00] (3c) Sonic Weapon or mother nature. Wake in the clouds.
[01:52:00] (3d) UFO passes Venus.. Is actually Planet moving and the
white/orange dot stationary. But was is the dot of light? Plane, water droplet, bug? hoax?
[02:12:00] (3e) example of planes passing long exposure
[02:15:44] (3f) Play a clip and share on sidechat about the FAKE Internet
how corps are controlling us and doing so using Social Media and controls
on our channels.
[02:33:00] (4) Add more to the Best UFO cases CHART. Paul
runs into issues with textmaker. tries convert back to WORD doc
and using the cloud APP instead and shares the final update from
today there for all to access.

Wrap up for the night.

Thanks for watching, Liking, and commenting on video it really helps.. and join our serious UFO research group on Discord social text chat and optional voice group see join link in the about tab or banner bar and here as well, ( cheers Paul.

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16 Jan 2022
DailyLifeMedia · 2 Views