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Waking The Future
Waking The Future 01 Jun 2022
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A Letter to my MP - UK CV Family (2022 Documentary)
08 Aug 2022
A Letter to my MP - UK CV Family (2022 Documentary)
srmgin · 216 Views

Garden Update #3! The Importance Of The Individual 06-01-2022


⁣Open minds to question all things. Be Prepared For What May Come.

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Kurtzj 2 months ago

I've been pissing around my crop! ⁣⁣According to the Stockholm Environment Institute, a person can produce as much urine per year to fertilize 300-400 square meters or roughly 3200-4300 square feet of crops!⁣

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Frommetoyou 2 months ago

Hi guy's, you might want to put some staw down under your strawberry's, it stop's them sitting in the mud & rotting (would be best to let them grow threw the staw) also when you dig up your apple tree's, be sure to take special care of the taproot, (it will be twice as deep as your tree is tall) they will be traumatized so probably won't produce for a year. 💚

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Hogg67 2 months ago

Home grown blackberries in BlackBerry jam on a flat sponge with fresh cream!...tastes beautiful!...good luck with your bachelor party!🍺....stay away from tattoo shops or you might wake in the future with one!

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DivertissementMonas 2 months ago

Yes, you can't beat homemade Jam! I found a mullberry tree in a public space that was centuries old, and it produced the most delicious berries. When my son was younger we used to go to it every year and make mullberry jam. Haven't visited it for years and I think I will go get some this summer!

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GameChangers 2 months ago

⁣EV (Electrical Vehicles) : Elon Musk EXPOSED: A must see! ….This vid could save your life, period:

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wongowonga 2 months ago

Another tip on the compost: As you have space, make another two bins the same as the one you already have and once every couple of months move one bin to the next stage (turning in the process). This way you have different stages of compost. I don't have space to do this so i'm limited to one bin and it means I have to stop adding to it after a while so it can mature.

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A Letter to my MP - UK CV Family (2022 Documentary)
08 Aug 2022
A Letter to my MP - UK CV Family (2022 Documentary)
srmgin · 216 Views