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Chad Chaddington
Chad Chaddington 14 Feb 2021
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Predators Obama And Fauci At Elementary School To Watch Kids Be Injected with COVID Vaxx Death Shots
02 Dec 2021
Predators Obama And Fauci At Elementary School To Watch Kids Be Injected with COVID Vaxx Death Shots
TheAlexJonesChannel · 198 Views

German Ministry of Interior report calls covid a "Global false alarm."


⁣A report entitled "Analysis of the Crisis Management" drawn up by a panel appointed by the German Ministry of Interior did not mince words when they said "The danger is obviously no greater than that of many other viruses. There is no evidence that this was more than a false alarm."

If you have been following me you know this is all nonsense, from the beginning. Occasionally it is nice to hear it from their own mouths.

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romanticdance 8 months ago

There is a real worldwar going on. Kill Gates admitted that, it's just another kind of war. It will be remembered as the war of the syringes. If ever some sheeple will survive with a couple of functioning braincells. History will be rewritten as usual by the conquerors. Orwellian scripts. The further a society drifts away from the truth, the more it will fight those who speak it.

Churchill stated that "A lie could travel half the world, before the truth will get it's boots on".
It's like those climate scammers. Before you could refute the scam with facts, they will have reached their goals and installed new ways to tax and restrict you, to sqeeuze any penny out of your pockets with an idea fixe.
Got a neighbor who liked Klaus Schwab because he looks so nice and distinctive. They can't come to recognize wolves in sheepcloths. If one declares "you won't possess anything and will be happy", it's a communistic contradiction in terminis.
It must be altered to "you will have nothing and I will be happy". As SOB of a corrupt bankersfamily in Aks a Nazi Swiss.
But whatever you tell them, it won't change their minds, because people only accept what they like to hear or see.
They don't use reason but feelings. I also use feelings, but I recognize more often smelling rats. Not always, since people are far more dishonest and untrustworthy than our little childish fairytales told you. Even religions name us their sheep. They don't like goats, because they are to clever or to much resistant. No, you must be obedient and low profiled, they don't want you as the gods (goats) they are themselves. They worship Saturn/Devil/Baal/Cronos (the last one lost his balls).
Few realise that Eros/Cupid could change his sex by desire. (transgender idea)That little infant Jesus was in fact Cupid. (Leonardo Da Vinci knew, his little devil sodomite Salaï, let himself being painted as the "Mona Lisa)".
That all these cute looking angelic chubby kids in art are in fact little tricky devils.
"It's not the truth that matters, what matters is what you believe to be the truth" (Nixon).
Or, "it must be true because it was on TV".
Their small minds cannot get to catch the big lie. They can't believe that the government is that corrupt.
But they are and always has been and far more evil and vicious than you ever could imagine.

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Dude Guy
Dude Guy 10 months ago

We are the resistance, in each of you lies a powerful energetic potential that can be tapped into in your day to day lives, with practice and persistence. I describe alot of it in my blog here : ⁣ . and videos on it here : ⁣ . Thank you for your time and considertaion of the posts.

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SRutherford 10 months ago

They are so afraid of the truth of their Sc4md3m1c coming out there is nothing they will not do to keep this Sc4m alive and this is what we have to fight against the lies to keep the NWO intact. There has to be push back or Bill Gates and his entourage will kill millions or more of us for profit and keeping the status quo. The truth will out in the end but when?

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10 months ago

It's about time that somebody had the balls to admit that a lot of bullshit has been spread around and piled up on top of our heads. I will be impressed if they make it popular knowledge throughout the whole of Germany, stop their destruction of the German economy and the lives of its citizens, stop trying to oblige people to inject dangerous liquids, allow everybody to get on with their lives, stop taking part in the obscene reset, and arrest, try, and punish all the criminals who have been taking part in this grand crime. Only this degree of corrective action could inspire other countries to grow out of the deception. If they don't do all of that, this revelation wil mean nothing.

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Samsha101 10 months ago

i am going to go out on a limb here and say these types of things "feel" like the slavemasters thumbing their noses at us people who can see what is going on. it is like they are trying to break US down and tring to make US feel helpless and without power because they can show this, tell us this, and the genocidal agenda rolls on with the masses denying and rejecting us giving them this evidence. They just parrot back the facts that they see on the nightly news like a mantra with their blank stares. The slavemasters are trying to tell us nothing we do makes a difference, so we just better give up. Not happening-ever.

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Predators Obama And Fauci At Elementary School To Watch Kids Be Injected with COVID Vaxx Death Shots
02 Dec 2021
Predators Obama And Fauci At Elementary School To Watch Kids Be Injected with COVID Vaxx Death Shots
TheAlexJonesChannel · 198 Views