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DOJ, FBI Now In FULL PANIC MODE as Raid Against Trump Awakens Nation! FULL SHOW 8/11/22
12 Aug 2022
DOJ, FBI Now In FULL PANIC MODE as Raid Against Trump Awakens Nation! FULL SHOW 8/11/22
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mirunamihai 1 year ago

Did Project Runway predict COVID 19? Kovid makes masks fashionable WTF?

#viral​ #share​ Project Runway KOVID Kapoor Predictive Programming

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1 year ago

The police in the Republic of Ireland are just as bad. Here's one I posted earlier on the Irish situtation. ⁣"The Irish, being a race that had for centuries suffered great injustice under their English colonisers largely due to religious intolerance (since the English were once fervent Lutherans) would instinctively rush to the defence of the underdog. They evolved in these unique circumstances to be anti-authoritarian and frequently openly rebellious. What a change has been wrought in them by their subservience to the European Union. They have at last been pacified, bought and sold. They are now embarrassed by their Catholic past and eager to show how progressive they are by paying homage to the sacramentals of liberal humanism, abortion and homosexual marriage for which they voted in great numbers in two recent referendums. All in vain, perhaps. Now they can barely put their nose outside their own front door without being questioned by over-zealous garda (= Irish policemen) as to their prospective journeys. Mass attendance is, of course, out of the question. Here the official clampdown has been relentless and draconian. Even a modest church gathering of about half a dozen elderly citizens is disrupted by the police and the pious souls sent home with their tails between their legs. I actually live in the north of Ireland which is still part of the United Kingdom. I once had an aspiration towards a united Ireland but, strangely, that has long gone! Not for all the euros in Brussels!"

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ZoeLife 1 year ago

⁣Ten Steps to Perfect Health
1. Daily, diligent, independent, in-depth Bible study and fervent prayer

2. Stress Management - See #1 - especially Psalms and the first 5 books of the New Testament (what Jesus said and did). Stress includes anger, worry, fear and anxiety. Jesus Christ was never in a hurry, never worried, never fearful or anxious and He was never sick.

3. Super high nutrition with freshly made juices; clean, pure water (proper hydration contributes to significant reduction of anxiety. Amount of h2o necessary based on body weight. No guzzling - slowly increasing you water intake is very important. People have been known to die from taking in too much water too fast); vegan diet (the ideal diet) of fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, nuts, grains and seeds in their most natural form. 75% raw 25% cooked.

4. Sleep at the proper time of night - get to bed no later than 9:30 - 10pm (look up circadian rhythm). A 20 min - 1 hour daily nap is a good practice.

5. Fresh air (lots of it).

6. Sunshine - choose the cooler times of the day.

7. Exercise - 1 hour a day - walking is great, outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine (and only if you feel up to it. Focus on the other steps in the meantime).

8. Laughter - What makes a person laugh is a personal thing.

9. Forgiveness of others as well as yourself.

10. An attitude of gratitude, humility and benevolence.
The above Ten Steps are discussed in detail on the DVD "You Can't Improve On God" by Lorraine Day MD (former orthopedic trauma surgeon who reversed her advanced, invasive cancer by rebuilding her immune system using totally natural methods, in the privacy and comfort of her own home. In order to understand how this works and why this works it requires that you study, study, study. If you are not up to doing the research, ask a loved one to do it for you. For the science as found in the medical literature see her workbook: Getting Started On Getting Well.

Note: Abruptly stopping the intake of drug medications is dangerous. You must be weened under the supervision of a health professional willing to assist you.

Go to drday.c and begin reading
Warm Aloha and God bless you on the journey ahead.

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faruqi360 1 year ago

⁣He is CORRECT! ⁣Sabbateans, ⁣Frankism, Ashkenazi!!! Ashke-Nazi, Understand? Hidden n plain sght...

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PatriciaShaw 1 year ago

Well done this man, saying no to evil, this is what all good people should feel like angry.

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DOJ, FBI Now In FULL PANIC MODE as Raid Against Trump Awakens Nation! FULL SHOW 8/11/22
12 Aug 2022
DOJ, FBI Now In FULL PANIC MODE as Raid Against Trump Awakens Nation! FULL SHOW 8/11/22
TheAlexJonesChannel · 145 Views