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johnson and johnson vax warning
16 Apr 2021
johnson and johnson vax warning
2moonsinjune · 3 Views

GUFON Lies Again about The Out There Channel and Gets OWNED! GUFON Debunked! Feb 2021


⁣Today in this episode Paul of OT Chan
Responds with more Visual Facts that
shows how GUFON clipped sentence and misdirected
what Paul was saying to make it in to a Untruth
about YouTubes. Not only that he has 2 episodes
up about Terminating Paul and Exposing me
as a Liar. Which I will prove are false allegations
and slanderous.. also adding I do NOT know what
Fair Usa in copyright means. In Fact its him that
has no CLUE what Fair Use is PMSL.

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cheers Paul.

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johnson and johnson vax warning
16 Apr 2021
johnson and johnson vax warning
2moonsinjune · 3 Views