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Sarita Sol
Sarita Sol 07 Jan 2022
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Biden Orders Millions of Monkeypox Vaccines After One Alleged ’Infection
24 May 2022
Biden Orders Millions of Monkeypox Vaccines After One Alleged ’Infection
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Guided Meditation | Walk back in time to heal the root cause of your enslavement | Tribe All One


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In the guided meditation you will be taken on a shamanic journey to walk back in time to find the root cause of your enslavement and energetically change it remembering that everything comes from energy and that linear time can be changed. We have the power to change the past!

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How can we navigate our lives to ascend in our awareness? My name is Sarita and I am trained in the ancient Shamanic teachings of The Lyceum. This channel will help you to transcend the ordinary and realize the truth of who you are as quantum, vibrational being moving into 5D consciousness. I believe everyone has the potential to have extraordinary, wonderful and uplifting, heart aligned lives if we can understand that we are all part of source consciousness and are creating our realities in every now moment. We have the capacity to become entirely present and manifest from the quantum field of infinite potential through the zero point technology of our inner being, including and not limited to; our energy centres/chakras, the cells, atoms and quantum particles of our bodies, our nervous and endocrine systems and our pineal glands. This self actualization is accessed by us in many ways and principally through meditation. Therefore I teach meditation in an entirely new and creative way, collating information directly from the source field and expressing to you, often in a raw and pure format without any pre-design. I also share my human perspective as well as ancient information including ways to create ceremony for yourself in this modern world which give you practical tools to be able to transcend matter, manifest your dreams, heal and become heart centered.
My aim is to give you all as much information as I can for free on this channel so that you too can become the master of your own reality.

Guided meditation can offer a bounty of awareness and deep healing and support your life into the truth of your own sovereignty I hope my channel brings you connection love, light, insights and happiness. Please know that any channeling, meditations, practices, ceremonial suggestions or comments I share on my channel are not a substitute for financial, medical, legal and professional mental health advice. My sharings should not be used to replace the advice of any doctor, lawyer or licenced professional. By partaking in any meditation of ceremony with Sarita you claim full responsibility as a sovereign being for your own health outcomes and experiences.

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Biden Orders Millions of Monkeypox Vaccines After One Alleged ’Infection
24 May 2022
Biden Orders Millions of Monkeypox Vaccines After One Alleged ’Infection
DailyLifeMedia · 13 Views