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Rogersings NWO News! 05 May 2021
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It’s always too late when you take it!!
13 May 2021
It’s always too late when you take it!!
The David Vance Channel - · 56 Views

Here’s why Bill Gates wants indemnity… Are you willing to take the risk? (June 4, 2020 - CHD)


Source "⁣Children's Health Defense" ---> ⁣

I⁣t's NOT a conspiracy theory to believe the immune system is capable of doing the job it was designed to do.

Both Dr Jospeh Mercola and Robert Kennedy Jr (Children's Health Defense) have been fighting to expose the dangers of VACCINES for years. Recently Dr Mercola's life has been THREATENED and he has had to REMOVE All Articles Related to Vitamins D, C, Zinc and COVID from his website ---> ⁣

The NWO is in a PANIC because the TRUTH is being REVEALED about their GLOBAL depopulation plan and therefore people don't want their POISONOUS JAB! ⁣Killing, in the name of helping. This is the main reason (method) why they can do it so well. For a while...

⁣STORY AT-A-GLANCE - ⁣Dr Jospeh Mercola

Over the past year, I’ve been researching and writing as much as I can to help you take control of your health, as fearmongering media and corrupt politicians have destroyed lives and livelihoods to establish global control of the world’s population, using the COVID-19 pandemic as their justification.

Through it all, I have refused to succumb to these relentless attacks. I have been confident and willing to defend myself in the court of law.

Unfortunately, threats have now become very personal and have intensified to the point I can no longer preserve much of the information and research I’ve provided to you thus far. So, effective immediately, much of the information on my website will be permanently removed.

⁣The Web of Players Trying to Silence Truth ---> ⁣

⁣MINISTRY OF TRUTH: 12 state attorneys general demand Big Tech platforms eliminate all speech from people injured by vaccines ---> ⁣

⁣STUDY: ‘Third Wave’ Of Sickness And Death Will Be Dominated By Those Who Have Been Fully Vaccinated ---> ⁣


⁣Dr. Lee Merritt: In Animal Studies, After Being Injected With mRNA Technology, All Animals Died Upon Reinfection --->

PLOS PATHOGENS - Enhanced inflammation in New Zealand white rabbits when MERS-CoV reinfection occurs in the absence of neutralizing antibody --->

Pfizer COVID vaccine trial shows alarming evidence of pathogenic priming in older adults --->

This is an excellent video from March 10, 2021 an interview with Dr Sherri Tenpenny on the "Ministry Now - DayStar TV" ---> also here --->

Many doctors like Dr Tenpenny are sounding the alarm that our immune system is being conditioned by these experimental mRNA vaccines in an artificial way that will cause greater sickness in the future. It is well worth the time to listen to Dr Sherry Tenpenny who is a Christian presenting facts and warnings about these new experimental vaccines to a Christian audience.

*Pfizer-BioNTech (US/UK) - the synthetic mRNA Spike protein CODE inside a Lipid nano-particle shell
*Moderna (US) - the synthetic mRNA Spike protein CODE inside a Lipid nano-particle shell
*J & J (US) - the synthetic DNA Spike protein CODE inside an Adenovirus shell
Oxford-AstraZeneca (UK) - the Spike protein ITSELF inside an Adenovirus shell
Novavax (UK) - the Spike protein ITSELF inside a Lipid nano-particle shell

Note, the three US *vaccines (Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, J & J) are NOT vaccines in the typical sense but they are man made Genetic Code Injections. They are synthetically made mRNA or DNA molecules, a "gene" which is the "blueprint" or the CODED instructions for how to make a Spike protein. They are designed to enter into your cell and use your cell's "ribosome" manufacturing capability to assemble the amino-acids specified by the "blueprint/code" which will make a foreign Spike protein, which your immune system will attack.

The idea is that your immune system will be trained by this Genetic Code Injection of a Spike protein to fight off the Coronavirus, should you come in contact with it in the future. However, many doctors are warning that provoking your immune system with this mRNA Spike protein in this way will cause it have an "⁣ADE - Antibody Dependent Enhancement" reaction in the future, where you body starts to destroy healthy cells.

Comparing the COVID Vaccines --->

J and J vaccine --->

The mRNA/DNA vaccines are NOT like the flu vaccine which are primarily made by incubating a flu virus in eggs --->

As for the RNA-based ‘vaccines’ that would re-program my body’s physical responses, thank you but I prefer the programming that I received from the Lord when I was born.

⁣Jesus answered and said to him, “Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.” - John 3:3

Watch "The Chosen" - Nicodemus meets Jesus - You Must Be Born Again! --->

You must be "born again" Spiritually to ENTER the Kingdom of Heaven, to be the BRIDE OF CHRIST! Salvation is by BIRTH not BEHAVIOR.

For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, - Romans 3:23

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. - John 3:16

The ABCs of Salvation explained by JD Farag -->
A - Admit your a sinner (Romans 3:23)
B - Believe Jesus is Lord (John 3:16)
C - Call upon His name (Romans 10:13)

The UDB's of Salvation explained on Rogersings website ---> ⁣
U – Understand that God is holy and God hates sin because sin has destroyed His world and sin separates you from His love and sin separates you from eternal life with God.
D – Desire to be reconciled to God and saved from the eternal death sentence that you are under because you were born with a Self Indulgent Nature (SIN).
B – Believe that Jesus died, was buried and rose from the grave proving He is the only begotten Son of God who will take away your sin.

With your mind you believe, with your heart you receive
With your mouth you confess you're no longer deceived!

Blessings to the Family of God - Jesus Only Y'all - JOY! - Rogersings

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Heisenberg11 7 days ago

If you have never seen any other video before this, then this is really all you need to know, very clear info and thankyou for providing.

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BillHoward 7 days ago

comment below...

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BillHoward 7 days ago

HOAX virus, HOAX pandemic & HOAX vaccine REAL New World Order reign of terror...................................................... Hi - the next 'big thing' is going to be 'VACCINE PASSPORTS' which are being sold as 'FREEDOM PASSPORTS' & they are going to force EVERYBODY onto the system - it will mean 2 nose swabs (or anal if you prefer :-) EVERY week! - it will mean never ending 'BOOSTER SHOTS' especially for the hoax 'NEW VIRUS VARIANTS' - the VACCINE PASSPORT app on your phone will text you to mandate you provide SWABS, go for your never ending SHOTS, when to self-isolate for 10 days & more & more mandates - without the app & up to date QR CODE on your phone you will not be allowed into sporting events, workplaces, cinemas, pubs, gyms, supermarkets, national travel or travel abroad without V-P clearance etc etc etc - people will be complete SLAVES to Vaccine Passport & it will be run by a computer in Geneva Swizerland which can handle all 8 billion personal profiles in the World - when vacancies for Covid Marshals open up the V-P will advise you where to go & if you don't go your benefits or wages will be affected - FINES are already at £10, 000 about $13 000 & JAIL TIME has been put up to 10 years for failure to comply with V-P mandates while people have no idea what the V-P will comprise - they have been told it's a 'FREEDOM-PASSPORT' which is just deceit & trickery & people need to be aware what's coming into their lives - VP has already been SOLD to every government in the World as it's hidden agenda - THE COUNTER TERRORIST SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM - so you see we are ALL terrorists now - the 'Covid-19' $CAM-demic Lockdown, Vaccine Passport, Biometric Network, Track+Trace, Counter-Terrorist Surveillance System, DNA gathering, fascist totalitarian dictatorship is the real hidden agenda & is a extention of the previous swindles & social-engineering they pulled with mythical viruses & other SCAM-demics like 'AIDS-HIV, MERS, SARS, Ebola, Zika, Swine Flu & Bird flu' & their equally fake remedies the same people now dictating FAKEmask mandates, anus swabbing, nasal swabbing facial recognition, harassment, follow the arrows, shutting pubs, restaurants, gym & cinemas, Covid Marshal harrassment, electronic-stalking, 10 year imprisonment, £10,000 fines, slavery, pregnancy & birth-elimination, job destruction, smashing up church services, destroying health, smashing up funerals, smashing up weddings, disease mongering & fear mongering, smashing up partys & sports events along with social engineering, vaccine appartheid, vaccine reservations, destroying families, destroying marriages, social-isolation, social distancing, OCD handwashing & population-reduction genocidal program of the New World Order Shadow Government Secret Societies reign of terror with mandates & dictats with 'Track & Trace' ('health passports') electronic slavery which dictates to us where we can go & where we can't go, who we can see & who we can't see, what we can do & what we can't do which also doubles as a fake 'Anti-Terrorist Surveillance System' with 'War on Covid-19' an extension of 'War on Drugs' & the 'War on Terror' Homeland Security oppression which is all masterminded & sold to every country in the World by Bill Gates & his gang of fanatical eugenics secret society tyrants to genocide the World by 7 billion & keep half a billion of their slaves to work the factories & farms since the 'virus' is fictitious but the lockdown is real, a hoax pandemic but real global police state, poisonous, zero-liability vaccine concoctions, containing mercury, aluminium, chimpanzee, human fetus, pig & dog but real global martial law with invalid Covid-19 tests to steal & store our DNA data, slight of hand vaccine certification, jiggery pokery death certificates & hocus pocus death tolls all faked by using the totally invalid PCR 'test' with genocide camps already set up & being filled as they've killed thousands already with hospital treatment cancellations & suicides with their oxygen poisoning 'End of Life Care', 'Do Not Resusitate' & 'No Autopsies' & 'Isolation Camps' (Death Camps) turning care homes & hospitals into death camps, while the unelected, unqualified trickster 'World Health Organisation' protocol sent to hospitals all around the World to: "Isolate, oxygenate, intubate, ventilate, sedate & record every death as Covid-19" to artificially manufacture false death-tolls - all aided & abetted by the fascist Facebook-Instagram-Snapchat-Twitter-YouTube-Google censorship & user bans - since the whole of Capitalism has collapsed with the banks-government-stockmarket bankrupt since the 2008 banking crash & mass introduction of robotisation - so they cannot afford to keep us any more hence the ever increasing austerity measures leaving it totally impossible to ever 'go back to normal' & inducing mass-hysteria & mass psychosis into citizens creating a World of paranoid schizophrenic germophobic virtue signalling Mask-Monkeys receiving endless injections of poison while the equally unqualified, unelected capitalist huckster 'World Economic Forum' Klaus Schwab threatens ominous, sinister isolation camps & 'Great Reset' along with their controlling aspirations of negative bank interest rate & 'Cashless-Society' where our bank cards can be switched off denying us access to goods & services so forcing us to do their bidding & anyone who questions their hidden agendas dressed up as a health-scare they label: "Conspiracy-Theorist, Anti-Vaxxer & Covid-Denier" in the greatest crime against humanity providing billions in profits for the vaccine industry but we unite in freedom with all power to the Freedom Fighters & the final solution being Mass Action to overthrow the New World Order all around the World since we are the 99% exposing the $CAM-demic Lockdown to boycott & blacklist Bill Gates & his vaccines, Windows, Monsanto, McDonalds, Coca Cola & Burger King investments along with a boycott & blacklist of fascist Facebook, YouTube & Google but using MeWe, BrandNewTube & DuckDuckGo while we eat/grow/sell organic food & use Linux free software & boycott & blacklist cashless shops, servicesm the Mainsewer Media & companies who only deal with vaccinated customers & go Cash Only, - we shop at co-ops, do not pay fines since they are not valid, do not go into post holiday quarantine since it is not valid or enforceable, do not snitch on neighbours, while supporting human rights, civil liberties, freedom of association, freedom of expression (no censorship) freedom of movement, freedom of employment, freedom of worship, freedom of assembly so developing food supply network, clothing, accomodation & practicing: 'high-fives', 'Hugs 'R' Us', do The Freedom Dance & join The Freedom Band, wear yellow vests like the French revolutionaries & Mass Action Rally @12.00 Noon every day, every town center, everywhere in the World while one person, town or country remains in chains then no person, town or country is free & so execute Mass Action Citizens Arrest on fascist UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg & all their co-conspirators & treasonous traitors for ultra vires exceeding their powers, crimes against humanity & try at a Common Law People's Court so arming ourselves mentally & physically, no to FAKEmasks, no to the fake test, no to the poison vaccine, shut down the Covid test sites & the Covid innoculation sites as they're a danger to public health, ban poisonous vaccination, stop all funding to trillion dollar 'virus research', abolish vaccine industry, abolish WHO, abolish WEF, abolish Bill Gates Foundation, abolish Rockefeller Foundation, supporting the workers strike, people's assemblies, occupations, celebrations, demonstrations, build community, support the Freedom Zones, Freedom Parties, mass action freedom rallies, co-operate & share to show we care & always remember & never forget when you go against the Vaccine Lockdown you are going against the BIGGEST money making manipulation & social engineering that has EVER existed on Earth. FREEDOM FROM SLAVERY? - MASS ACTION! My MeWe Social Media:

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pedronumerouno 8 days ago

its documented, they have been trying to make a vax for corona virus, ( which is a collection of viruses with a corona/ crown like apearance) for the last 40 to 50 years. and each tie it ends in animal testing, with all animals killed either within hours or days of vaccination or when the next virus hits. like influenza, which by the way changed its name by de-pole to covid in nov dec of 2020. so taking ino account gates own comment of eradicating the elderly by the- - "who cares method, they were old, they were in a care home, no use to society." really. if the youth gad aphalf as much knowledge as the elderly people have, known, seen, had to live through, then they might be useful at saving them selves from the iminant zionist rothchilds created famine. the death of millions of russians and former rusdian countries at the hands of zionist bankers in america. yes in america. the whole communist revolution, the death bt starvation, millions died at the habds of the zionist jews. nothing to do with hitler. it was before the zionist instgated war. were people were held in labour camps, right next to rothchild factories. they were there before the war started. Auschwitz was right next to A G. Farben. it says all on the gates.. " work sets you free " not " we will try to cook you in a bread oven". DOH!!

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INTEGRAL7 8 days ago

One to upload Roger:

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Rogersings NWO News!

Thanks for the video ... this is disheartening, an unnecessary and dangerous. Here is the story ---> and here is the full video from the Main Scream Media ---> I would rather load a video of a TRUTHER critiquing this one, like David Knight or Hugo Talks. Thanks.

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JoeM2000 8 days ago

If the private criminal prosecution taken out agaianst Hancock, Whitty, Ferguson and Vallance is successful, then a side issue to consider, is that the immunity from prosecution given to the Vaccine companies by the corrupt UK goverment, may be rendered null and void.

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It’s always too late when you take it!!
13 May 2021
It’s always too late when you take it!!
The David Vance Channel - · 56 Views