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Eric Dubay
Eric Dubay 23 Jul 2021
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How Maps, Compasses, and Circumnavigation Work on Flat Earth


⁣There is a popular myth taught to school children (which most adults
today still believe) that people in history have travelled in perfectly
straight lines Eastwards or Westwards and eventually arrived back at
their starting point. It is heralded as proof of the globe Earth, and
claimed that hundreds of adventurers since Magellan have completed such
successful circumnavigations, but the truth is that no one in history
has ever set off travelling in a perfectly straight line and returned
back at their starting point. All successful circumnavigations in
history, whether by sea or air, have instead followed the same pattern,
which is sailing or flying the most convenient route from port to port
stopping for supplies and re-fueling until a complete circle has been
made. Not a single sailor or aviator in history has (or could) travel
only in the same one perfectly straight direction and magically arrive
back where they began. This ridiculous lie becomes obvious when
critically examined, but when taught to young children successfully
bends and warps their minds into accepting globe indoctrination.

the cardinal directions on a compass rose, North, South, East, and West
on Earth are not simply straight lines separated by 90 degrees. North,
rather than being an upward shooting arrow, is actually a point - a
centerpoint - THE centerpoint of the entire Earth known as the
geographic North Pole situated directly below Polaris, the North Pole
star, the only motionless star in the heavens which marks the exact
Northern centerpoint of the sky. South, rather than being a downward
shooting arrow, is actually every line tangent to the Northern
centerpoint, or in other words, every straight line extending outwards
from the North Pole heads due South. East and West, rather than being
right and left facing arrows, are actually clockwise and
counter-clockwise circles around the Pole. The Sun, Moon and stars all
rise in the East and set in the West, making perfect circles over and
around us every day. As you can observe, they travel in a circular
Westwards path over and around the Earth, and do not all travel in a
straight leftward direction as suggested by a compass rose. Likewise
navigators since ancient times have used Polaris to guide their ships,
knowing that Polaris was the heavenly North Pole, South was traveling
keeping your back to Polaris, East meant traveling keeping your left
shoulder 90 degrees to the Pole Star, and West meant traveling keeping
your right shoulder 90 degrees to the Pole Star.

circumnavigations in history have been Eastwards or Westwards and never
Northwards or Southwards because the latter is geographically
impossible. Likewise Southern hemisphere flights from Australia to
South America, or New Zealand to South Africa, for example, never fly
the shortest, most direct route on a globe which would be Southwards
over Antarctica. It is claimed this is because such flights would
allegedly be too cold for any airplanes to handle, but the reality is
the routes are geographically impossible because Antarctica is not a
tiny ice-continent confined to the underside of a spherical spinning
ball-Earth. Antarctica is actually the outer Southern perimeter of our
level motionless plane Earth and surrounds the other six continents.
How far Southwards Antarctica actually extends and how it terminates or
what exists beyond it are all unknown to and kept from the general
public however, and as a result, no completely accurate, fully
functioning flat Earth map exists or could exist without the people
being first allowed full independent exploration of the Arctic,
Antarctic, and every where else.

There are, however, several
maps which work as good visual aids for approximating the geography of
our flat, stationary Earth. The Gleason's 1892 new standard map of the
world and Hammond's 1945 air-age map of the world are two such maps.
These so-called "Azimuthal Equidistant" maps are used in practical
navigation and can be found in the logos of the United Nations, World
Health Organization, International Maritime Organization, and
International Civil Aviation Organization. They purport these to be
simply two-dimensional representations of a spherical Earth with the
North Pole at the centerpoint and claim these maps were made by
flattening the globe, but just the opposite is true, and the globe
(specifically the so-called "continent" of Antarctica) was made by
spherizing our flat Earth, and bundling the expansive outer perimeter
into a cramped oddly shaped ice-continent under the ball, kept
off-limits by treaty from the general public.

To learn more about our level motionless Earth, please visit:

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Nippygirl 2 months ago

you would reach the same conclusion travelling from east to west and arriving back at the start on a round flat earth how does that prove its a globe surley it is more fantastical to believe we live on a global ball spinning continually with everything held up by gravity and now even gravitons all floating around us and yet they call flat earthers STUPID!

   2    1
tokes 2 months ago

A kid with 2 sticks can prove the earth is round. The maps he claims are used by the military 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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Nippygirl 2 months ago

the earth could well be round but not a fantastical spinning ball keeping all the multitudes of sky scrapers millions of propertys billions of tons of water all held in place yes that sounds logical

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Robert Spreadborough
Robert Spreadborough 2 months ago

people only think it is a ball because teacher told them when they were empty - now they are unable understand evidence. so you think you are spinning at 1000 mph and gravity stops you from being thrown off - well what if you are near the poles (not allowed to go there) you will only spin at a few miles an hour and gravity would crush you.

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Lancastrian 2 months ago

Lie on your bed looking up at the ceiling and imagine it rotating clockwise. It doesn't matter where on the bed you are, it still rotates in the same direction. The stars appear to rotate anti-clockwise in the northern hemisphere and clockwise in the south. Another inconvenient fact is that they rotate around completely different stars. Constellations visible to both appear upside down relative to one another. If you can think in 3d, you can work out that the earth is a globe. If you are only able to think in 2d, you will fall for every trick of perspective wrapped in fancy graphics and with emotive music to persuade you.

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Fast and Quick Booty _ Thighs Workout at Home(480P)
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