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Chaka 23 Feb 2021
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Nick Fuentes and Stew Peters: America First or Eternal SLAVERY
22 Oct 2021
Nick Fuentes and Stew Peters: America First or Eternal SLAVERY
srmgin · 113 Views

How You Enjoying Your Dark Winter and Your New Normal_-480p


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Texas was "seconds and minutes" away from catastrophic monthslong blackouts, officials say:
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Austin Grocery Line:
The mask of the future - World Economic Forum:
PM Bojo Caught in Nature Wiping Chair:
When you hear western technocrats speaking of "Zero COVID", you are also likely to hear the same type of person speak of "Zero Carbon." You will find the same orchestra of power behind both, and both are inextricably joined at the hip:
This is why they don't want fans in the stands or people to be able to get out where they can express themselves without being censored by the tech oligarchy:
Transgender woman Gabrielle Ludwig returns to college court: (more photos here:
Love Your Servitude - Aldous Huxley & George Orwell:
Fauci wins $1 million Israeli prize for 'defending science':

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Foffle 7 months ago

I'm not disagreeing, but if you don't catch a cold or flu, then how is it if you're living with someone, that they seem to get it from you if you sick?

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rosalittleb 8 months ago

fake pandemics, (excuse to destroy the food supply and destroy peoples lives) fake global warming/climate change excuse to shut down cheap energy, and destroy people economically and physically. fake economic crisis, excuse to take pensions, social security and shut off care of the elderly. fake terrorism excuse to surveillance, and harass people in the name of safty. sure someone else can add to the list.

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Iceman45 8 months ago

Ha, some really great laughs here! Sorry but I belive they can't control the climate, thats only what they want you to thinkm just like the Egyptian 'sun gods' ; ) The earth is 333'000 times bigger than the earth. Freemasons infer they control but most of it is illusion.

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"King Osirus "Chief Sitting Bull"

Great Observation and Reporting.

   2    0
KateW 8 months ago

Well I have more oxygen to breathe now that most people are wearing a mask now!

   1    0
Iceman45 8 months ago


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Nick Fuentes and Stew Peters: America First or Eternal SLAVERY
22 Oct 2021
Nick Fuentes and Stew Peters: America First or Eternal SLAVERY
srmgin · 113 Views