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BBC just said it ! covid19 ''as we move into the New World Order''
16 May 2022
BBC just said it ! covid19 ''as we move into the New World Order''
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Human 2.0 - Physician warns about new vaccine technology - Interview with Dr. Madej |


⁣What are the implications of a rushed vaccine for the coronavirus? Dr. Carrie Madej, DO, an osteopathic internal medicine physician in McDonough, Georgia, gives her mind blowing insights into several never-before-seen technologies being used in what is being touted as the great hope for an end to the pandemic. You’re simply not hearing about what Dr. Madej shares here in the mainstream media! Biotech companies like MODERNA, the leading candidate for creating the vaccine that will be pushed on the American people, are being supported by many vested interests funding them behind-the-scenes and you will recognize their names immediately. This is a MUST WATCH if you want to dig deeper into what you’re potentially getting yourself into if you take this vaccine. SPREAD THE WORD! - ⁣

Dr. Carrie Madej, physician for internal medicine and osteopathy, was head of two clinics in the state of Georgia, USA for nineteen years. Early on, she was fascinated by immunizations, especially by the heavily advertised tetanus vaccine. Astonished and unsettled by the fact that she was unable to find a colleague who had actually seen a “case of tetanus”, she began her research. To her surprise, she found an additive in the vaccine for the sterilization of women. [ ]
Her skepticism towards vaccines grew and Dr. Madej began more and more research into the vaccination field. Her in-depth research led her to the discovery of innovative technology in the new vaccines against COVID-19; so she sounded the alarm.

Dr. Madej became a whistleblower, offering her knowledge in the form of lectures, interviews and video footage to the broad public. Her video: “Human 2.0: Wake Up Call To The World” [watch in English here: spread like a wildfire on the internet – until it was censored by YouTube and the like.
Dr. Madej does not shy away from relentlessly uncovering concealed intentions.

She is currently exposing which goals governments are working towards, hand in hand with pharmaceutical industry and tech giants such as Google and Microsoft, in order to vaccinate the entire global population as quickly as possible.
Our Kla.TV correspondent was able to reach Dr. Madej for an interview. What she reveals in this interview is both shocking and alarming.
But see for yourself which technologies and methods are being ushered in with the vaccine against COVID-19. Her discoveries make the assumption that a massive war affecting all of humanity is waging, indisputable.
Dan: Good afternoon, Dr. Madej, thank you for taking the interview!
Dr. Madej: Thanks for having me, Danny, it’s a pleasure to be here with you!
Dan: Okay. Let’s say, I believe completely in the Covid sickness and I agree with all the protocols they’ve put in the place, I wear my mask wherever I go, I social distance. And I agree with the lockdowns, but, they’ve put billions into this new vaccine, many companies are competing with each other to produce the most safe and effective one. I say we take the vaccine and get back to normal. What do you say?
Dr. Madej: Well, I tell people that we must really take pause and think about that very strongly, because this vaccine is unlike any vaccine or medicine in the past that is being fast-tracked. We are skipping safety trials, we are skipping animal trials, and people need to know that this is not a safe vaccine, it has not been proven to be safe. And I, as well as my other colleagues have a suspicion why they’re skipping the animal trials. And the reason for that is that the previous attempts in the last twenty years to try a similar kind of vaccine – because this is a very different one – has been a failure in the animal studies. For instance, with the animal studies in the past, when they gave this kind of modified messenger RNA or modified DNA vaccine, the animals looked very robust with their immune-systems at first. Wow, looked like a success! Antibody levels went up in the blood samples as well as the t-cell response improved. Great!
But, in animal studies, they do something called a challenge test. That’s not ethical in human test, only animal test, meaning, after they look good on the blood samples, they then give the animals the virus or the bacteria or they expose them to the virus or the bacteria. And that’s when we saw a lot of problems happen. Every time, the animals actually had a cytokine response, an inflammatory response, meaning they had a worsened response when they were exposed to the virus or bacteria. They were sicker, they had more lung inflammation, more liver issues, and more deaths happened. So, if this happened, almost every time in the previous kinds of vaccines of this nature, we could expect this to happen to this one, this very one that they’re trying to introduce on us.
So, let’s say, they do give us vaccines: At first, everything looks fine at everybody, right. And then, what if they are exposed to the common cold, the common flu, or the CV 20 or whatever they want, whatever, something similar to that nature. And I expect as well as my colleagues that people will see more deaths, more morbidity, more issues – and, I would suspect, they wouldn’t blame it on the vaccine, because the vaccine manufacturers have no liability right now, they will just say: Well, that’s the nature of this new virus that’s out. They would blame it on that. We need to be very careful because this vaccine is not safe, based on previous data that we have, just that alone!
Also, this vaccine is brand-new on the human race. Never before has it been unveiled. They are messing with the DNA the RNA, the genome, the genes, these are all the same kinds of words to be used on the very same thing. The genome is what makes us human. It’s the blueprint for us. What makes us grow, what makes us reproduce, what makes us evolve, what makes us heal, it’s everything the body needs to know what to do, okay. So when they are manipulating that in any way – one tiny little change can make a disastrous result. It can result in cancers, mutagenesis, mutagens, and autoimmune disorders. So, this could be later-term effects from this. This is brand-new.
Now, the studies aren`t being done properly. They’re being fast-tracked. Also, we have to look at long-term studies of this, which not one study will be completed before October of 2021. So that means, technically, all of us will be in the middle of a grand experiment when they launch the vaccine. Now, one, this is unbelievable. So, this calls back to the Nuremberg Code from World War II. We should not be experimented on without our consent. People need to know: We are in the middle of an experiment.
Dan: Right, and even October of 2021, even that would be fairly fast. How long does it usually take for a vaccine to be tested proven safe?
Dr. Madej: A good study – good studies should be ten to fifteen years. Now, they are saying five years. Ok, but still, five years is too soon, but let’s give them the benefit of the doubt. Even five years – we’re not doing that. We’re doing it in less than a year.
Dan: Less than a year. And you can probably bet they will start using the military as Guinea pigs to do some more testing. I wonder who’s going to get this vaccine first and if they’re going to start requiring it for the airplane travel and so forth.
Dr. Madej: That’s the problem! Now, we’re all in the middle of a grand experiment, we don’t know what will happen, and I’d like to remind people that this kind of vaccine is using a technology called “Transfection”. And when they do that, this is the same technology they’ve used for genetically modified organisms. So, the fruit and vegetables, people probably realize, those are sterile – they don’t reproduce their own seeds usually – that could happen to a human.
Also, these vegetables are not as healthy, they don’t have the nutrient composition that a normal organic healthy fruit and vegetable would have. If you look at the animals that are genetically modified, they don’t live as long, they have a very short life span. So, this would actually make us genetically modified at some way. And we could expect the same things, you can extrapolate that to humans. We need to really stop and look at this.
They’re excuse for using this kind of vaccine is that they can make it really quickly and mass-produce it and send it out. Really, that’s the reason, that is the only reason that they are giving for using this kind of vaccine.
Dan: Well, they’re also going with the assumption that Covid itself is incredibly dangerous. Would you agree that it’s – like I talked to a friend a little while back and he says: “Oh, this is ten times as deadly as the flu.” I don’t see that figure even in the official figures.
Dr. Madej: No, all the data shows you that it’s not as deadly at all. The CDC, the World Health Organization – all of these groups are admitting that it is not as deadly. We can put it on par maybe with the H1N1 flu and we didn’t shut down the world for that one, did we?
And also, you know, the data is very manipulated…
Dan: Right.
Dr. Madej: … and it is a lot of false numbers going on here and with this many mistakes, I could not say that it was not… I believe: It’s intentional. It’s intentional to get the numbers up because when you have – just for instance – the State of Florida, having over a 300 labs (=laboratories), that reported 100% positive test results - that’s not a mistake, those are individual labs. And then they were investigated and they found less than 10% were actually positive, not 100%. There is something going on there. This has been duplicated, not just in the United States in other States, but also in other countries around the world! Wait a minute, what’s going on here? We’re seeing everything being mirrored around the world, okay, so, there is something bigger going on here.
You know, it’s not just manipulation of the data, you look at how people have a lot of money invested in this. A lot of money to be made. And they are the ones pushing for this vaccine, of course the people that are going to make money.
And also, people must know that these vaccines, that we have no recourse if something happens to us. They have no liability, zero liability. If you die, if anyone dies, if anyone’s maimed, if anyone has long-term side effects or diseases, too bad: You cannot do anything about it. They still make all of their money, all of their money, and we suffer. How is this fair, how is this correct, how is this right? Think about you had the autonomy to make any product you ever wanted, you don’t have to do the research and development properly, you don’t have to do the safety testing, you just put it on the market and you can make all the money you want and nothing happens to you. Imagine that! We would never buy a car [like that], but you would do that to your body? Our body is a more precious than a commodity, than a product.

Dan: Right. I listened to your interview with Dr. Kaufman (Dr. Andrew Kaufman = Doctor of medicine, Bachelor of science in biology) yesterday and could you tell us: What the heck is this stuff called luciferase and also, what is Bill Gates’s patent that has the curios numbering to it?

Dr. Madej: Yeah… well, that’s what really gets me upset more than even just the vaccine I was talking about. It’s the technology associated with it. And so when they’re talking about this vaccine, they are so intent on making sure all of us are vaccinated in the world. Bill Gates has even said he wants at least 7 Billion - that’s about the entire world – vaccinated before we can go to the «new normal.»
To make sure this happens, he doesn’t trust the doctors or the medical establishment. He doesn’t trust you, saying you’ve got the vaccine. You’re gonna have to prove. They want to brand you, ID you with an invisible tattoo that goes under your skin and it could be read with a special application on your phone or another device. And this would give you a unique identifier. Ok? So this is to me, just like branding you like a cow. And no different than that.
And this identifier would hold your vaccination record, your medical record and other information. And what they’re using to make sure that your body doesn’t reject it, it’s hydrogel and nano technology. And this is a very special invention by DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) the Departement of Defense has an entity called «DARPA » in it. And this does not get rejected by the body. And it does many different things.
But they decided to patent it so they can make more money of course, when they patent it. And they call this ID « luciferase ». It’s an enzyme that lights up, ok. So that is their name for it: luciferase. I don’t like that name and I think it’s a terrible name. And that would be your branding, that would be your ID. The problem with that – it’s many things.
Not only are you gonna have that branding, but they have introduced, by chance, on March 26 of 2020 they introduced an international patent and guess who did that? Bill Gates – his Microsoft company introduced it. You’re seeing the same names over and over again.
He not only can make money off that vaccine, he can not make money just off of that luciferase. He can make money off of the patent of this – the number is 060606 – an international patent around the world. And this would hook that nano technology, that hydrogel, that luciferase – that would hook you up to the cloud, the 5G. It would work through your smartphone and that would go to the cloud. Once it’s in the cloud, that data is accumulated. You’re actually getting all of your biometric data accumulated. And that number, that data would be hooked to crypto currency.

So your body would in essence become your commodity. No longer cash, no longer credit cards. Do you see, how dangerous that is?! Because you can get hacked into anything. We know our phones have problems, our computers have problems. Any electronic device can get hacked into. Who says you can’t get hacked into at this point?
And what, if you do something the government doesn’t like you to do, like you’re speaking up against something, or you’re a troublemaker. Maybe you get your crypto currency taken away.

Dan: Now, this sounds too phantastic to be real. But the patent on this 060606 technology is out there. It’s really out there, there’s nothing conspiratorial about this.

Dr. Madej: Yes, not only that, if you look at Africa, they started testing the adults and the children with this technology. Mastercard and the Gates Foundation is behind it. They are using the biometric data and the ID on these people, as we speak, in the vaccination. So it is not fantasy, they are already launching it in Africa.

Dan: Now, I assume you are familiar with House Resolution 6666, the Trace Act?

Dr. Madej: Yes,yes!

Dan: You know, if I was, if I was… Let’s say its 1995, and I`m a Hollywood executive and we`re in the office, we`re thinking about a movie script, and we`re going to do a sci-fi movie about the future where it’s a dystopia, where everybody is controlled all the time, and we`re going to have something called luciferase, which is going to connect you to a cloud with a three-sixes-identifier on it, and furthermore, to make sure everybody does this and gets tracked, we`re going to throw in four more sixes. I mean, this is weird. What is going on? It should give us pause.

Dr. Madej: I would actually say, if I read the screenplay, I`d say, oh this is too crazy, no one is going to buy this movie. I wouldn’t even consider that movie or that screenplay, like you`re going to have to make it a little more vague or a little more interesting.

Dan: believable?

Dr. Madej: Yes, exactly. But they`re doing it right in front of our face and you know, I, I am a child of God, I believe, I am a believer of Jesus Christ, I believe in God, ok, and I also believe, and I – we - there is proof, there are people, that are satanic worshippers, they believe in Satan, they believe in the 666, they believe in the symbolism. And I believe, that they think, that they have to tell us what they are doing before they do it. There is something more than just happening on the physical realm, this is actually in the spiritual realm as well, I believe that. And if you look around you will see the symbolism everywhere if you choose to look at this. What are the coincidences of using these numbers, what are – I dont believe that that`s just coincidence. Why is this happening around the world, not just one country, you could say, there is corruption one country, but it is happening around the world. And if you look at the same names keep coming up, the Gates Foundation, Bill Gates every time, he is the one profiting off of us. And in Africa, in India he has been known to paralyze and or kill about 500.000 children. He did it without informed consent, he lied to them, and he still got away with it, nothing happened to him. Why do you think he would do anything different to us, to anybody else this round? He also believes in depopulation, he believes in eugenics, he comes from that family line. He thinks there`s too many of us, he wants to thin out the herd. People, wake up! This man does not want all of us living on the earth! He has said it many times in many different ways, his track record has proven it, and he is not a scientist, he is not a doctor, he is not an epidemiologist. Why are we giving him this power? He has everything to gain and we have everything to loose.

Dan: Right. There is one point on the testing that I forgot to ask and I wanna get back to. I get little confused about what a false positive reading is etc. But one thing that strikes me is this: so we have these curves that started to go down in april or may and the death rate went down to near zero it’s like hovering above zero, right. So either the tests are legitimate and the cases are going way up. Which would mean: cases up - death rate stable very low, it means the virus itself is less deadly every day which is a good thing. Or these are false positives which means we really don’t have cases. So on either side isn't that a win for like: let's get back to normal?

Dr. Madej: Yes you are using common sense, and I absolutely agree with you. There is no case to make an emergency act right now. Why are we still in a state of emergency, technically we still are. Why is it happening? No, there is no case for emergency. There are many lawyers trying to bring this up into court, because we should not be in the state of emergency. And I have to say that the PCR-testing has never been intended to diagnose anybody. It was only taking a tiny piece of a DNA and you’re amplifying it. You’re actually making it more numerous so that you could actually analyse it and look at it. So what you are looking at is only a tiny piece - that means that piece can come from many different things: it can come from the common cold, it can come from the common flue. And we actually have seen that sequence come from chromosome 8 in the human body, meaning if you amplify it enough, I guess, all of us will be positive. And each lab is doing different kind of amplification. There is not standardized process going on here. That is crazy. So technically, you have to be a scientist to realize this or understand it, if you use a PCR-test in a certain way, technically just about every person could become positive. It doesn’t really mean they are positive for this infection, ok – because its only a tiny piece it’s taking. So this is very concerning. So many doctors and scientists have spoke up and they are being censored and squelched. This is not good science, this is not good medicine that we’re practising right now.

Dan: Did you see the Elon Musk quote the other day, it was just yesterday.

Dr. Madej: I did not, what did he say?

Dan: You know, I don`t know what to think about Elon Musk. Sometimes I think he is part of this transhumanist movement. On the other hand he says very reasonable things now and then. At first he expressed, he thought that this was an overreaction, the whole COVID-thing was a way overreaction. He said there is no reason to shut down the economy, and quarantine, etc. And then it got to the point where the interviewer said: «Ok, well, it looks like we have an answer to all this. It’s gonna be a vaccine coming out», and he (Elon Musk) says: « I'm not taking it!». And the interviewer, she is shocked, right. I don't think the interview was supposed to go that way. And he says: « No I'm not taking it and I'm not giving it to my family.». She says: «Why not?», and he says: « Aaa because it is not dangerous enough for me to worry about and certainly, it is not dangerous enough for my young kids». I thought it was a positive sign.

Dr. Madej: Yeah, he confuses me as well, I agree with you. Because he says that; and on the other hand, he does believe in transhumanism, that we should merge with cyborgs, and become one with AI (artificial intelligence). But also, maybe it is a financial thing why he said that. Because of his factories. He is loosing money in his factories right now: they are not up and running full capacity. So I have a feeling, maybe it could have a little bit to do with his monetary gain. But I heard he got into the vaccine industry himself recently too. So he is a contradiction, you know. I don`t know what to make of him.

Dan: Me neither. But I recently saw a picture of him side by side with Ghislaine Maxwell, and that´s enough for me to almost write him off, you know?

Dr. Madej: Yeah, I don´t trust him.

Dan: No, yeah.
Well this has been very instructive and informative and-oh! One thing I wanted to ask you before we finish is: What is the Emergency Preparedness Act?

Dr. Madej: Yeah. So that act was passed I think around February 2020. And that one gave immunity to the vaccine manufacturers from all liability. Because they wanted to encourage them to produce their vaccines as fast as possible and not be scared of the repercussions from the ill effects of the vaccine, because, you know, if people got very sick and died they did not want to lose any money. And so to protect to them, they covered them with that. So that was one part of the act.

Dan: I thought going back to 1986, from what I heard from RFK. Junior that there was already immunity for vaccines. So what was this? This was just a step further?

Dr. Madej: This is to really protect them. This was very strong language, okay, this was to like do double duty. Because with the 1986 act - within the court system thy did agree that there was, problems from vaccine injuries, so they gave a little, a special court for them. Okay, so, in that special court you can still sue and get some money for vaccine damages. However, this emergency act would take that court away as well.

Dan: Okay. Right. Well, I guess I have one last question for you. I think I know the answer to this, but pretend it´s a friend of yours, or your mother, or I don´t know who. And she says: „Well, Carrie, are you going to take the vaccine?

Dr. Madej: Absolutely not. In fact, I won´t take any vaccine. I don´t trust them at all. Not at this point.
We have lost all of our safety measures, our checks and balances have been out of the window.
Absolutely not. I value my body and my sovereignty too much.

Dan: Now the second wave is coming, we know it´s coming, they´re going to hype up every single case that comes around, they´re going to try to close us down again, it´s my opinion. Do you have any last words for people: What should we be thinking about as the fall flu season comes?

Dr. Madej: I would refuse the regular flu vaccine as well because they are putting ingredients in that have not been tested to be safe. And in the past when people have gotten the regular flu vaccine, when they were introduced to a strange strain like the H1N1, swine flu, Covid 19, they had a worsened response, they actually did worse instead of the person that didn´t get the flu vaccine. I don´t trust them at all and we have studies to show that this is true. I would highly tell people that until we have an independent investigation from international scientists and doctors from around the world on the vaccines themselves, I wouldn´t trust any of them.

Dan: So you have very little confidence in the flu vaccine, and even less confidence in the upcoming Covid vaccine?

Dr. Madej: Absolutely, that is correct.

Dan: Okay. Dr. Madej thank you so much for taking your time today, to speak with us and I hope we can talk again someday.

Dr. Madej: Danny, thank you for having me. It´s a pleasure.


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Saynope 7 months ago

⁣⁣A must see... revised edited version..."THE VACCINE FROM HELL"

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Sheltagar 8 months ago

The new encrypted cardano blockchain phone
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No more nsa spying
No more contact tracing

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2 years ago

⁣This fraudemic is the greatest deception of our time, it’s not about a virus, it’s about control...

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BBC just said it ! covid19 ''as we move into the New World Order''
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