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hugotalks 17 Jul 2021
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UNN's David Clews talks with Vince Cawthron Part 1
23 Sep 2021
UNN's David Clews talks with Vince Cawthron Part 1
unitynewsnetwork · 2 Views

Hypnotist REVEALS Government BRAINWASHING Tactics / Hugo Talks #lockdown


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jennydfrezzy769 1 month ago

This fall an event is going to take place that we may not recover from which is why you absolutely should do this now!...... Visit

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Owezizwe 1 month ago

Very interesting to see the similarities between hypnosis and what is happening. If you find yourself (as a dissenter from the Main Stream Narrative) also in a highly emotional state and find yourself angry with the "other side", you are also in a trance. You need to calm down so both can think more clearly. Do not succumb to the triggers.

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JohnWebster 2 months ago

⁣Guys. When WE march through London, the Police and Government just Laugh and then give a Sigh of Relief. We NEED to do something RASH. The Media ONLY Stays Silent UNTIL the PEOPLE will Really ROAR!!

With 2Million+ People, on Saturday, WE the PEOPLE, under COMMON LAW, have the Right to March, into Downing Street and Parliament. We can SHUT DOWN Parliament and Citizen's ARREST Boris from Downing Street. If he's NOT at home, we should take ALL of his Expensive Furniture and Possessions (Everything) and Either Remove it, for the Poor (A Charity) or Just Burn it.

We know Johnson, Whitty, Valance, Hancock, Zahawi, Patel, Gove are ALL Guilty in this Crime Against US. Mark Sexton, has Read out the Charges and served Notice on the Police. We know the Police, Courts, Government, NHS, Military (77th Brigade) are Corrupt. They Will NOT Save US or Help US to Get Justice. Listen to Mark Sextons Speech about Common Law. Under Common Law, we the People have the Right to Go in Force and to Make Citizens Arrests.

We can do this NOW! While we have the Summer Weather on our side. They are NOT Ready to stop us NOW!

In the Winter, it will be hard to get people on the streets. When the Flu season Comes, people WILL Start Dying in Large Numbers. Then they will say it's a new variant or the fault of the Unvaxxed. They WILL have a lot of LIES ready for us. Lets NOT Follow THEIR Plan. It's just Falling into their Trap!

Let's Surprize them on Saturday and Take them Down! They have been Warned. They are NOT going to STOP ~ UNTIL WE STOP THEM!

Unity and Standing together ~ Is OUR Strength! Let's do this on Saturday! Nominate some Generals (Leaders). We will have OUR Biggest Army Assembled on Saturday 24th July. Let's do the Right Thing. Take OUR Country Back or DIE Fighting. We WILL WIN THIS ~ if we stand strong together.

We WILL Win and We will decide who is Right or Wrong. Listen to Mark Sexton's Speech about Common Law. Our Government has Failed us. Listen to the long list of Crimes. We already have the Evidences held by Micheal O'Bernicia, Reiner Fuellmich etc. We have Tons of Evidence from Doctors, Scientists, ETC who will come forward to our COMMON Courts.

We've Got to do this for OUR Children.

I've Survived 13 Heart Attacks, Open Heart Surgery Twice and won't live a lot longer. I can't physically walk very far anymore ~ BUT ~ If you WANT a LEADER, a MARTYR ~ I will come and March and DIE for you, if it Starts the End to this Evil Tyranny!

We NEED to FIGHT or We WILL ALL DIE! That's their AGENDA21. THIS is WAR. World War 3. We can't Win a War with Posters and Party Poppers. They're Killing US with Poison. Are you people really True British Men? British Bulldogs? British Lions?

This is the RIGHT TIME of Year to do this. Let's Clear Out the Government (None can be Trusted). When we WIN, Using our COMMON Courts, then the Tyrannical Governments will start to collapse around the World. The WORLD Population WILL be watching US on Saturday, for a Sign.

We can quickly use COMMON LAW, to Select a Panel of Interim Leaders. We have Good People who don't want to Rule the World. We have Our Own Advisors Right Now, who can create OUR Government "Of the People, For the People, Under common Law".

I'm Nobody and I won't live a lot longer. If you don't want me, then Nominate someone Now!!! Personally, I would Nominate these people, "Mark Sexton", "Gareth Icke", "David Icke", "Dr Vernon Coleman", "Mark Steele", "Kate Shemirani", "Micheal O'Bernecia", "Brian Gerrish", "Pierce Corbyn", as our Chairman and Interim Panel of Leaders. We can sort everything out later, BUT things MUST be Stopped BEFORE more people get Poisoned!

Do you Want to have a Say, on "Whether your Children will Live or Die, as Slaves or Free Men and Women, in the near future? Come on People. Stop wasting time. Nothing will Change UNLESS WE Change it!

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MissJP 2 months ago

Thanks for this very clear breakdown of the propaganda . My question to Brian the hypnotist is how do you break the trance? Is it possible now? I have heard there are usually key words or actions given to the subjects to release them from the trance but presumably the state hasn't done this. It feels so urgent! I'm seeing the frightened people still wearing their masks willingly and even starting petitions to keep the regulations in place. Stockholm syndrome in action!

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Floflo1453 2 months ago

exactly - we really need more tools and problem solving. i comprehend the complex here but yes how do we solve this problem.

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Kiwicatness 2 months ago

Is it bad that I have to laugh at these cheap propaganda from the government? I can't believe people are actually in such a state to believe anything they say.

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UNN's David Clews talks with Vince Cawthron Part 1
23 Sep 2021
UNN's David Clews talks with Vince Cawthron Part 1
unitynewsnetwork · 2 Views