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You're The One (Nightcore Remix) - DJ Matthews (Music Lyric Video)
20 Sep 2021
You're The One (Nightcore Remix) - DJ Matthews (Music Lyric Video)
DJMatthews · 1 Views

I Told you so! TRAVIS story was Bunk! + Bristol UAP analyzed by Paul - OT Chan Live-427~ - 1920x1080



⁣Topics with Chapters (TimeStamps):-
[00:00] (1) Gen Chat
[04:04] (2) GUFON Trash talked about Shelly and says she talked about me
to Mr Dick. I tell my side of things why I made her cry was she was
banned from our group and discord for breaking the rules more then
3 times, and I couldnt rule her claims of hacking even if some of it
was over top. I have unlisted her interview on YT though but
its still up on bitchute.
[15:40] (3) Paul re-caps his debunk he did years ago and a Re-cap with
Charles they did in early Jan 2021 about TRAVIS staging it
with Rogers. Paul draws map explaining the story and how
the hoax was carried out.
[16:37] (3b) Paul says he will leave YT and perhaps UFOLOGY
if no one supports the hard work he does exposing fraud
in the field and break downs of video. To go anothter year
needs $150 to cover running costs of basic members
it wont cover it all though. Needs kind donation or substar
tip of $40 to get the cash released to him.
[21:03] Paul talks about the Map he drew to compare
to new info that comes to light to see how CLOSE he was!
[24:20] (4) Shows new info of Fire Tower over Deer Stand with spots
[28:51] (5) Shows Rogers confessing from a recorded phone chatted
admits to planning a Hoax. Most of it under FAIR USE!
[41:46] (6) Plays clips from Erica Lukes Stream under Fair Use.
[01:06:45] (7) Plays Scott Brownes summary from GUFONS show
not all of it but selection key parts under Fair Use!
[01:39:23[ (8) Tried to Play a clip from Truthseekers but google wouldnt
behave and let us because his Live wasnt fully process from TS
stream still! Include some bits from F2B on his exposing the
cover up and lies some channels go to in UFOLOGY!
(note! Steve from Truthseekers feels it was good to go on GUFONS
show today.. double standards again undoes all the good I do and
others in the field. You can not debunk others, but hang with other
known Frauds online like this! - Steve goes to the UFO field players list now)
[01:54:01] (9) Paul Breaksdown the Bristol UFO thermal capture Incident
and what he thinks the thermal patterns are showing
excludes Chinese Lanterns, Balloons, Planes
watch to find out his top selection
[02:27:50] (10) Re-reads MetaBunk on this case and decides the plane
tracking software hasnt the object listed for a private helicopter
so its not going to solve it this time like airliner commercial flights

Thanks for watching, Liking, and commenting on video it really helps.. and join our serious UFO research group on Discord social text chat and optional voice group see join link in the about tab or banner bar and here as well, ( cheers Paul.

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You're The One (Nightcore Remix) - DJ Matthews (Music Lyric Video)
20 Sep 2021
You're The One (Nightcore Remix) - DJ Matthews (Music Lyric Video)
DJMatthews · 1 Views