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Truth_Resonates 13 Jun 2021
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Would he convince you?
03 Aug 2021
Would he convince you?
The David Vance Channel - · 225 Views

If you are even thinking about getting the covid-19 injection watch this critical information WARNIN


⁣If you are even thinking about getting the covid-19 injection watch this critical information WARNING CONTAINS FACTS!

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MiggyZ 2 months ago

Bad ending, 🙄 the sheeple will run away with that 🤦🙄
" It's my body, me dumb me get jab, no matter what"😵
We who get it, gathered all this information on our own, we saw through the propaganda, disinformation and censorship, all this being true however and presented this way, still won't open up the minds of the sheeple braindead zombies 🧟‍♂️🧟‍♀️🧟🧟‍♀️🧟🧟

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BillHoward 2 months ago

⁣Ignorance isn't bliss it's excruciating anguish...

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betjar1 2 months ago

The human body makes its own mRNA for
its genetic code. The mRNA multiply in the cell and makes proteins.
This is not a virus, but foreign mRNA is a virus to humans and causes

There is no such thing as
an asymptomatic pandemic. When someone is sick, it is not
asymptomatic meaning without symptoms. In a person with symptoms, the
temperature will normally increase or generally feel unwell. A
Pandemic has sick people dying in the streets. Dead bodies carried
out of homes as what happened during the black plague. The black
plague was caused by no access to clean water.

The RT-PCR TEST is a
fraud, to create false-positive COVID19 cases. COVID19 RT-PCR tests
only detect genetic material. It does not test for a virus. Wearing
masks causes Pontiac fever. It's a legionella bacteria. Years ago
people were getting legionnaires disease. It was caused by stagnant
water through the air conditioning in offices in London. When the air
conditioning was not cleaned regularly which is the same legionella
bacteria that causes Pontiac fever. Bacteria multiply in the blood.
If you get legionella bacteria in your body, dilute one tablespoon of
borax in a bottle of hot water. Allow cooling. Borax was used for
people who had fungus inside the body because of their living
environment. Take one teaspoon a day in the morning for 3 days. It's
a natural remedy and it tastes like soap. People diagnosed with
Legionnaires disease is Pontiac fever because of mask-wearing all

The CV19 vaccine is
not a vaccine. It is a computer programmed mRNA nanochip, using
insilico technology design. Made from synthetic polymer chemicals on
a machine controlled by computer software. HIV is
a mRNA virus and causes autoimmune disease. On observation of
patients who had AIDS, tended to vomit every day. Hence, why AIDS
patients lost weight.

Doctor Fauci said in 2020
that “all flu vaccines are mRNA viruses”. Well, all mRNA viruses
cause autoimmune disease. Will attack different parts of the body or
the immune system. The mRNA virus was originally developed to kill
people as a biological weapon. The effects of the injection may take
a couple of years to surface or may happen sooner.

Persons who have
symptomatic COVID19 disease will create a lock and key immune
response in 7-10 days to engulf the virus. This immune response will
then program the person's immune system to recognise the COVID19
virus again, even years down the line. A person infected the second
time with COVID19 will usually have an immune response within 3 days.
There is no need to be vaccinated with a COVID19 mRNA vaccine to
produce the same response. Humans produce their own personalised mRNA
to match their DNA.

Vaccines are causing more
harm than good. Some children who were vaccinated, developed eczema,
were found to have an overactive immune system. In extreme eczema
cases, the patient was prescribed strong antibiotics to inactivate
the immune system.

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Would he convince you?
03 Aug 2021
Would he convince you?
The David Vance Channel - · 225 Views