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Billy Preston And Syreeta Wright  With You I`m Born Again. 1979
30 Jul 2021
Billy Preston And Syreeta Wright With You I`m Born Again. 1979
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CSD 2 months ago

i work in an engineering background , smart practical people youd thoink..... NO these people are getting jabbed and theyre gonna have thier kids jabbed ..... because they think they can go on holiday and its safe , the BBC and MSM would never lie..... the propaganda is too prevalant ....

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LoreneTN 2 months ago

They will jab the children without parents' permission. And the children are powerless to stop it. This is criminal!!

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TruthAboveAll 2 months ago

Matt Handjob needs to be jabbed continuously in the head until he realises he is a pschyopathic, globalist puppet who needs to stand trial for crimes against humanity.

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RISTArt 2 months ago

It’s an utter farce and a mockery of science David. All the best to you and yours. And they’re NEW vaccines, please highlight this and hope peoples subconscious awakes “Innovating to zero” global population is headed up to about 9bn... “now if we do a really great job on NEW vaccines, healthcare and reproductive health services, we could LOWER that by perhaps 10 or 15%” Bill Gates(scum of the earth)

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mirunamihai 2 months ago

The Mark of the Beast Has come!
1. It is interesting that in the recent years face scan seems to have replaced iris scan, probably because face scan includes the scanning of someone's forehead, not only of someone's eye and the Bible clearly talks about the mark of the Beast location as either the right hand or the forehead.
However here is what wikipedia has to say about this replacement:
"⁣While initially a form of computer application, facial recognition systems have seen wider uses in RECENT TIMES on smartphones and in other forms of technology, such as robotics."
"⁣Although the accuracy of facial recognition systems as a biometric technology is lower than iris recognition and fingerprint recognition, it is widely adopted due to its contactless process."
2. Here is a video explaining that each digit in the barcode has 2 versions, depending on whether it is located on the left or right half of the barcode. The right-half version of digit 6 looks like the three longer bars (known as the guidebars). The guidebars are the left-most bar, the right-most bar and the bar in the middle and their are the reason why the barcodes are accused of containing the number 666.
The right half of the barcode is located between the middle guidebar and the right-most guidebar.
The left-half version of the digit 6 however doesn't resemble the guidebars (since it is the negative image of the right-half digit 6). The 2 versions of any digit are the negative of each other.
The question is: why did they have to make the 3 guidebars practically identical (the only difference is they are slightly longer) to 1 of the 2 versions of the bar that stands for the digit 6???
Coincidence? Why don't the guidebars look like lengthened versions of any of the 2 variants of any of the other 9 digits (for instance: 9, or 4)?
Here is a good video that explains the 2 versions of the digits in barcoding:
⁣How to Read Barcodes
min. 1:31 for the images of the 2 types of bars representing the digit 6: the right-half and the left-half one.

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Billy Preston And Syreeta Wright  With You I`m Born Again. 1979
30 Jul 2021
Billy Preston And Syreeta Wright With You I`m Born Again. 1979
BitsandBobs · 72 Views