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Raggamuffin514 26 Aug 2021
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The-Most-Important Thing In The World!
24 Oct 2021
The-Most-Important Thing In The World!
Pinevillegracefellowship · 151 Views

infection by injection VACCINATED MOST AT RISK


Vaccinated are now most at risk duh

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Iceman45 2 months ago

Ha ha the genocide jab gets more absurd. Fear is the ultimate weapon.

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LovingMyChristianLife 2 months ago

Raggamuffin. I am new to this site. They are not letting your video play rn. i am really interested in what this video was about. I received the words "Jewish Infection" 4 days ago. i posted it to my facebook as a reference because my dreams and visions have been coming true so i began to document them. You can verify this by going to my fb page and looking at my post. My name is Melissa Criss. Maybe you can send me original link? We must get the truth out.

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LINDYPJ 2 months ago


*N0 link to send you guys, as it was copied from MSN online news!
Boris Johnson wants NHS to 'crack on' with vaccinating children

Ministers are reportedly concerned that the UK is at risk of becoming an 'outlier' as other nations, such as Germany, France, Spain and the US, push ahead with giving coronavirus jabs to children aged between 12 and 15.

On Wednesday, NHS England bosses told trusts to be ready to expand the roll out to 12 to 15-year-olds in just two weeks' time as scientists warned the virus will 'rip through schools' unless pupils are immunised before the new term.

But the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) - which advises Number 10 on jabs - has yet to give a green light to the plans.
It claims the small risk of side effects may still outweigh the benefit due to the fact young children are very unlikely to be badly ill with Covid.

The delay has prompted frustration within Government, according to The Times.
It comes amid news that ministers are also now embroiled in a dispute with family campaign groups over whether or not they can refuse consent for their children to be vaccinated.
a group of people sitting at a desk: (© Provided by Daily Mail (
'Boris wants to crack on with it. Everyone wants to get on with it.
'One small organisation is hindering the entire vaccination progrmme. We're at risk of losing the gains we've made in vaccinating people.'
Both Moderna and Pfizer's jabs have been linked to myocarditis, a rare heart problem believed to affect around one in 20,000 young people.
But Britain's medical regulator, the MHRA - separate from the JCVI - has already said that both vaccines are safe and effective for 12 to 15-year-olds.
It means that ministers are only now waiting for the JCVI's scientists to make a decision.
Parents have raised concerns at the proposals to offer 12 to 15-year-olds in England a jab, despite assurances from the Education Secretary that consent would always be sought.
Molly Kingsley, UsForThem's co-founder, told the Telegraph: 'Yes you have to ask for parental consent, but this begs the question of what is going to happen if consent is withheld?
'This is profoundly murky and it shatters any remaining trust parents have in the Government.
'It strikes me that given the uncertainty about whether a 12-year-old is competent to consent, there are serious liability issues for schools that press ahead with this on school premises.'
She added: 'Medical procedures rely on informed consent. Asking children to make a decision of this magnitude is totally inappropriate.'



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Phi46 2 months ago

⁣Leaky Blood Vessels from Covid-19 'vaccinations' & Booster Shots uniquely dangerous:

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The-Most-Important Thing In The World!
24 Oct 2021
The-Most-Important Thing In The World!
Pinevillegracefellowship · 151 Views