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Channeled Healing Piano Transmission #47
03 Mar 2021
Channeled Healing Piano Transmission #47
Eugene Sedletsky · 1 Views

Is Asymptomatic Transmission Fake News? Volume 1 - 10 Feb 2021


⁣VERY VERY IMPORTANT. Pivotal to awakening the sleeping masses is the fact that HEALTHY PEOPLE are NOT SUPER SPREADERS. Once this truth sinks in with the masses sacrificing their liberty and health wearing masks and obeying unlawful diktats, the tide will turn. Please share far and wide.

⁣“Is Asymptomatic Transmission Fake News?”

Volume 1 10th FEB 2021

Asymptomatic transmission study:

The World Doctors Alliance (WDA) is committed to honouring the inalienable rights of every living man, woman and child which includes free speech, freedom of bodily integrity,
freedom of travel and informed consent.
All information contained in this video is solely the unique views of the professionals featured and does not constitute any kind of consensus amongst the WDA team.
WDA is not legally liable for the actions and opinions of the viewers herewith.
All information presented is not intended as medical advice.
Always consult your trusted medical health care provider before accepting any medical
treatment or procedures using informed consent as etched in the Nuremberg Code.
WDA 2021.

Information and more presented in this video canbe sourced from the following websites:
WDA on Telegram
The Great Barrington Declaration

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grammy3 6 days ago

Thank you all!!. I have not been able to spend any valuable time with my 3 year old grandson because of this lie. I was his caretaker while mom and dad worked from the time he was 3 months. My heart is broken. Although, my son knows it's a lie, he cannot convince his wife.

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feelgood 6 days ago

how arrogant these oligarchs to fabricate a virus to accumulate more wealth.

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LolaBri 8 days ago

Time to drag the government bastards out of their offices/homes and put them through military prosecution/tribunals for the highest crimes against humanity. Prosecute and hang high as a warning for future generation - train tracks leading to concentration camps as in WWII are a scary vision - do not let the WWII reapeat because you just comply with your government. If you do, you are an equal problem.

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SusanKlaus 9 days ago

Wonderful video. Thanks to all of you behind it! Thanks for all you do for humanity, in spite of harassment and other challenges! 💗☮🙏

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ian kelsall
ian kelsall 11 days ago

i am not, and have never been afraid of this fake virus, because it has been proven empircally that it had never been proven to exist. also, during the 1918 spanish 'flu' they deliberately tried to 'infect' prisoners with mucus taken from 'infected' people and could not make them ill. even injecting them did not work. how much proof do you need?

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Channeled Healing Piano Transmission #47
03 Mar 2021
Channeled Healing Piano Transmission #47
Eugene Sedletsky · 1 Views