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Jeffrey Keith
Jeffrey Keith 09 Dec 2021
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The Top Signs You Are LOW In Magnesium
19 Jan 2022
The Top Signs You Are LOW In Magnesium
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Is Trump Fighting For Us, Is Gen Flynn Really White Hat & When Will You Say Enough?


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Sources used in video:

Trump partners with Rumble -

Devin Nunes leaving congress to be Trump's CEO - https://resistthemainstream.or....g/devin-nunes-is-ret

Gab CEO Andrew Torba with a warning to Patriots about Trump -

Is Gen Flynn just more controlled opposition -

These people should be arrested and punished - https://resistthemainstream.or....g/california-school-

There is no end, until you say it's over -

6 jabs for now, and then you'll need more -

Could South Africa become the turning point against the vaxx -

Died because of, not inspite of the vaxx -

Updated athletes dying list -

Keep in mind Florida and many others are wide open -

More proof if the dems are in charge, it's a shithole -

They want your kids even dumber -

It's the stores fault they are getting robbed -

Hawaii under water and mud -


Sobriety test, from Dive -

Creed Fisher - This Place Called USA -

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The Top Signs You Are LOW In Magnesium
19 Jan 2022
The Top Signs You Are LOW In Magnesium
agniajay · 0 Views