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21 Jun 2021
Hunter Biden's Treasonous Art Grift
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It's Only A Matter Of Time Before NWO Persecution Covers The Earth! - JD Farag


Source ---> ⁣

⁣Pastor JD talks about how it’s now just a matter of time before it gets considerably worse for the church of Jesus Christ.

It is sad that many "churches" are bowing down to "Trust the Science" by taking the JAB and some are even turning away church members from fellowship who don't comply with this NWO Government directives!

Here's an example of a churh pastor who has bowed to NWO "Science" ... this pastor of the Anchorage church says God gave us brains and science so we can discern that these vaccines are safe and effective to save people's lives ... What a DANGEROUS message ---> ⁣

It saddens me to see this apostasy SPREADING and INFECTING the Church, dividing church members between VACCINATED and UN-VACCINATED but then again this is an end-time sign that the 7 years of Tribulation/Judgement is ready to begin and then Jesus will RETURN to SET UP HIS KINGDOM on EARTH!

⁣Apostasy is an abandonment of sound doctrine, a DEPARTURE or FALLING AWAY from what held as TRUE. Right from the start, the Chruch started to fall away from the gospel truth of the Salvation of Grace that is found in Christ alone. Paul had to confront Peter who was causing Gentiles to stumble in their faith but thinking they had to keep Jewish laws.

The "falling away" at this time is NOT a departure from the doctrine of the Salvation of Grace in Christ but of the departure of the doctrine of the identity of man ... the fundamental truth that man is made in the image of God and therefore our God created DNA is not to be messed with! It is because of this lie and transgression and those who believe this lie and commit this transgression that God is getting ready to JUDGE this world!

⁣Will there be a great apostasy during the end times? ---> ⁣

⁣The Greek word translated “rebellion” or “falling away” in verse 3 is apostasia, from which we get the English word apostasy. It refers to a general defection from the true God, the Bible, and the Christian faith. Every age has its defectors, but the falling away at the end times will be complete and worldwide. The whole planet will be in rebellion against God and His Christ. Every coup requires a leader, and into this global apostasy will step the Antichrist, who says he can fix everything "Trust the Plan" (Trumple-Stills-Can?). We believe this takes place after the church has been raptured from the earth.

⁣No one is to deceive you in any way! For it will not come unless the apostasy comes first, and the man of lawlessness is revealed, the son of destruction, - ⁣2 Thessalonians 2:3


Statements in this site are substantiated with facts that will stand in a court of law --->

Sometime after June 9, 2020 the WHO changed the definition of "herd immunity" from naturally acquried immunity or vaccinated immunity, to vaccinated ONLY immunity. I have "heard" immunity ... I heard this is a scam-demic where the real purpose is to inject people with an Experimental Genetic Code so they can be culled and controlled! --->

Form for Employees Whose Employers Are Requiring Covid-19 Injections --->

Every Vaccine Produces Harm - Dr Andrew Moulden ---> ⁣

Your Rights! ---> ⁣

18 Reasons I Won't Be Getting a Covid Vaccine --->

THE VACCINATION RACKET (1,000s of links exposing the DEADLY VAXX hoax) --->

Vaccines, The Biggest Medical Fraud In History (2018 E Book) --->

Health Freedom Advocacy Center - You can hold the government accountable to protect your ability to choose what’s best for your health and for the wellbeing of your children. --->

COVID-19 Overview --->

5 questions to ask your friends who plan to get the Covid vaccine --->

People's International Court oF Justice --->

*LOTS OF LINKS* Medical Opposition to CoVid-19 LockDowns, Vaccine Dangers, Disturbing Global Agendas, 5G Radiation, Boost Immune System Naturally --->

Great Barrington Declaration --->

Effective Treatments for COVID-19 - Ivermectin and Vitamin D --->

⁣Jesus answered and said to him, “Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.” - John 3:3

Watch "The Chosen" - Nicodemus meets Jesus - You Must Be Born Again! --->

You must be "born again" Spiritually to ENTER the Kingdom of Heaven, to be the BRIDE OF CHRIST! Salvation is by BIRTH not BEHAVIOR.

For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, - Romans 3:23

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. - John 3:16

The ABCs of Salvation explained by JD Farag -->
A - Admit your a sinner (Romans 3:23)
B - Believe Jesus is Lord (John 3:16)
C - Call upon His name (Romans 10:13)

The UDB's of Salvation explained on Rogersings website ---> ⁣
U – Understand that God is holy and God hates sin because sin has destroyed His world and sin separates you from His love and sin separates you from eternal life with God.
D – Desire to be reconciled to God and saved from the eternal death sentence that you are under because you were born with a Self Indulgent Nature (SIN).
B – Believe that Jesus died, was buried and rose from the grave proving He is the only begotten Son of God who will take away your sin.

With your mind you believe, with your heart you receive
With your mouth you confess you're no longer deceived!

Blessings to the Family of God - Jesus Only Y'all - JOY! - Rogersings

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bodger52 1 month ago

Would the closure of most of so called churches today ,be such a great loss ? Especially the EvanJELLYcal variety.Having done time in these institutions, I can honestly state that I`m glad to have escaped.
This present scam IS a seperation issue. I for one can have no truck with those involved in this face nappy fetish, which is incidentaly the ancient occultic rite and ritual of TRANSFORMATION.
HOWEVER, if I lived in his neck of the woods, I may just darken his church`s door.
Certainly a message for todays believer
Thanks for the post

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PatriciaShaw 1 month ago

God will be our judge and jury at the end of our lives nobody will escape, truth is the light it will set us all free.

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1 month ago

⁣Jesus is a con to control

   0    1

If thats what you think you have not read the Bible.

   0    1
1 month ago

@TheTruthShallSetYouFree: Nor have you, you may have read a book the has a bunch of stories written by man and rewritten many times then translated through many languages having the meanings lost many times over so much that no two people will agree on a single page in the book.. Your god can’t even write its own book yet it supposedly made everything? You’d think that if your “god” wanted people to follow and believe in it, it would make the book clearly understandable to any one even illiterates. Your god is going to send all illiterates to hell, Hitler wasn’t even that bad. Your god hates quadriplegics/ paraplegics and amputees because it as supposedly cured all other health issues accept for those. Your god is made by man for the benefit of some men. Most of the worlds atrocities were in the name of religion or are you oblivious to the Spanish inquisition where your wonderful Christianity tortured all the apposed the religion. All of you religious nut-balls need the FunVax and am hoping that is included in the COVID vax. A god the rules by fear is no different the hierarchy that is ruling the world now and is one in the same.

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1 month ago

@TheTruthShallSetYouFree: “TheTruthShallSetYouFree” No ‘Critical thinking Shall Set You Free’

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nimblehorse 1 month ago

⁣"I am devoting my lecture in this seminar to a discussion of the possibility that we are now entering a Talmudic century, a time when the spirit of the community, the non-ideological blend of the emotional and rational and the resistance to categories and forms will emerge through the forces of anti-nationalism to provide us with a new kind of society.

I call this process the Talmudization of Christianity because Christianity will be the vehicle through which this society becomes Talmudic." - Rabbi Martin Siegel, New York Magazine, January 18, 1972

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1 month ago

Thankyou for your YT video on Vaccination with the guy preaching, What is his name?

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Rogersings NWO News!
Rogersings NWO News! 1 month ago

@Godis1: JD Farag

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GameChangers 1 month ago

⁣Covid Witch Hunts EXPOSED: Watch it while you can! ...Be aware; Be Prepared!!

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Hunter Biden's Treasonous Art Grift
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