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GGT 09 Aug 2021
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what a fxxking tool..
21 Jan 2022
what a fxxking tool..
lupi1 · 76 Views

It Is A Tool Of Enslavement!


Michael Tellinger. -

0:00 Introduction (Watch The Whole Video)!
0:33 Follow The Money
2:00 A Tool Of Enslavement
4:19 "Do Not Try To Expose Us!"
6:49 Everything Is A Corporation (WHY??)

Footage: Videoblocks
Music: Epidemic Sound and Audiojungle
References used under Fair Use Law
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"It Is A Tool Of Enslavement!"

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DivineTruth 5 months ago

⁣⁣⁣All you need is a humidifier and white vinegar to clear geo sunblocking clouds. Fill the humidifier with white vinegar (shop bought so less then 10 percent strength) and blast it into the sky. Multiple examples from around the globe of it working ⁣can be found on yt, just type in white vinegar clears clouds or look at the playlist on divine truth1 channel.

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alankerns 6 months ago

⁣Excellent video with just a single error that I can see.
It is not the lender-banker who creates money out of thin air.
It is the borrower who creates the money that he believes the banker possesses.
The borrower is not aware that he is creating money. He believes the banker is lending him money - something of inherent value - something which is "a store of value".
The idea that money is "a store of value" is total fantasy - a fantasy backed and enforced by the laws of legal tender.
If you think that's preposterous, then please take the time to inform yourself of the Hut Tax War of 1898. In this deadly serious very short war, the people of Sierra Leone refused to work for British money. Britain declared war which they quickly won, and hung the leaders who tried to prevent the enslavement of their people. There you have monetary power in a nutshell.
It's based on a confidence-trick-fantasy that works provided that ordinary people believe the fantasy is true.
Money is an illusion which is created by borrowers at the instant that they agree-in-writing to work for as long as it takes to earn enough of the illusion to pay back the illusion they borrowed, plus constantly increasing interest on the balance of the borrowed illusion.
This institution of enslavement will continue until ordinary people - by golly there's a lot of us - realize that we need to develop mutual trust among ourselves in order to call the racketeers to account, and end this abominable racket.
There's only one catch: we must earn and deserve and maintain each other's trust.
Then - and only then - will we be fit to go through the process of trial-and-error of developing a way of life that is worth living for everybody.
It won't be easy. But it would be worthwhile. Our descendants would be grateful.
Are we up to it?

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ZoeLife 6 months ago

The Bible (original Scriptures) is the only Book that reveals how this will all end: An Open Letter to the Rothschilds and their agents - - ⁣

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6 months ago

fuck off twat

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nobulart 6 months ago
VictoriaMaria62 6 months ago

covid hoax crumbling

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what a fxxking tool..
21 Jan 2022
what a fxxking tool..
lupi1 · 76 Views