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UTOPIA 2020 - NWO Netflix show | Fake vaccine for depopulation
23 Jun 2021
UTOPIA 2020 - NWO Netflix show | Fake vaccine for depopulation
OMGWTF · 261 Views

JABBED - The Covid-19 Vaccine - Your questions answered! (MUST WATCH - SEE FIRST 8MINS)


⁣⁣There are so many questions surrounding the Covid-19 Vaccination - Is it safe? Will it end this pandemic? Is it effective? What is the technology used? Why are so many people sceptical? Here are some answers to the many questions people have...

Covid-19... Something just doesn't add up does it? But what is it? Why are there so many inconsistencies?

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PedroMartinDeClet 1 month ago

⁣April 30, 2021
Novel coronavirus' spike protein plays additional key role in illness

April 30, 2021
Covid19's spike protein plays an additional role in illness: Study Reveals

April 30, 2021
The novel coronavirus' spike protein plays additional key role in illness by Salk Institute

Vaccination bioweapon genocide against persons of color documented: Alfred Lambremont Webre

Everyone on the world stage, your televisions & all screens is a satanic ACTOR always acting.

Toxemia - The One True Disease

Dozens of Doctors-Scientists say Pandemic is FAKE, Virus is FAKE and the VACCINE will HURT or KILL You


War Against the Weak

⁣Unethical human experimentation in the United States

⁣Eugenics in the United States

⁣The US has a history of testing biological weapons on the public – were infected ticks used too?

⁣Army Conducted 239 Secret, Open-Air Germ Warfare Tests

⁣How the U.S. Government Exposed Thousands of Americans to Lethal Bacteria to Test Biological Warfare

⁣A History Timeline of Population Control

⁣Top 10 US Government Experiments Done On Its Own Citizens

⁣Biological Warfare Experiment on American Citizens Results in Spreading Pandemic

⁣The 13 Most Evil US Government Human Experiments

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Steve Lindsay
Steve Lindsay 1 month ago

⁣⁣⁣Facebook banned me for 30 days for this post..
"THINK" about these statements
"If I get vaccinated":

1. Can I stop wearing the mask?
Government: No
2. Can they reopen restaurants, pubs, bars, etc, and everyone works normally?
Government: No
3. Will I be resistant to covid?
Government Response - Maybe, but we don't know exactly, it probably won't stop you from getting it
4. At least I won't be contagious to others anymore?
Government Response - No, it doesn’t stop transmission.
5. If I am vaccinated, can I stop social distancing?
Government: No
6. If I am vaccinated, can I stop disinfecting my hands?
Government: No
7. If I vaccinate myself and my grandparents, can we hug each other?
Government: No
8. Will cinemas, theatres, and stadiums operate as per normal thanks to vaccines?
Government: No
9. What is the benefit of the vaccine?
Government Response - Hoping the virus won't kill you.
10. Are you sure it won't kill me?
Government: No
11. If statistically the virus won't kill me anyway (99.7% survival rate) ... Why would I get vaccinated?"
Government Response - To protect others.
12. So if I get vaccinated, I can protect 100% of people I come in contact with?
Government: No
13. Can you guarantee that I won’t experience adverse effects from taking the vaccine or die from the vaccine itself?
Government Response - No
14. Since you’re encouraging every Canadian to get vaccinated then when people experience severe adverse reactions, long-term effects (still unknown) or die from the vaccine will they or their families be compensated?
Government response: NO - the government and vaccine manufactures have 100% zero liability in experimental stages.
15. How long does the vaccine last?
Government response- we aren’t sure.

So to summarize, the Covid19 vaccine...

Does not give immunity.
Does not eliminate the virus.
Does not prevent death.
Does not guarantee you won’t get it.
Does not stop you from passing it on.
Does not eliminate the need for travel bans.
Does not eliminate the need for business closures.
Does not eliminate the need for lockdowns.
Does not eliminate the need for masking.

Let me get this straight:
All the above for a virus that has more than a 99% RECOVERY RATE!
And guess what - the sheep believe this crap.

Obedience is NOT a virtue.

I remember thinking, "How did Hitler get over 6 million people to follow along and not fight back?



People have lost their COMMON SENSE, that is if they ever had it to begin with.

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Nan Noid
Nan Noid 1 month ago


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Gazdad 1 month ago

superb many thanks, sadly cant pass it, as all the crew i know are either are not listening , been zapped already,trust the uk gestapo or think im a boring anti - vaxxer .. ! we shall see!! A frequent prayer these days ..!!

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Jesse 1 month ago

Millions of COVID-19 test kits sold in 2017 and 2018!
As we know the new COVID-19 disease appeared in China towards the end of 2019. Therefore it was named COVID-19 which is an acronym for Corona Virus Disease 2019. Data from the WORLD INTEGRATED TRADE SOLUTION, however, shows something astonishing:

“... in 2017 and 2018 – two years before COVID-19 – hundreds of millions of test kits for COVID-19 were distributed worldwide.”

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RosiePPP 1 month ago

⁣Sign & share – end ALL mask requirements immediately

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UTOPIA 2020 - NWO Netflix show | Fake vaccine for depopulation
23 Jun 2021
UTOPIA 2020 - NWO Netflix show | Fake vaccine for depopulation
OMGWTF · 261 Views