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Welcome The Eagle 21 Jul 2021
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BACK TRACKING Dr Shillary ( jab pusher )
21 Jan 2022
BACK TRACKING Dr Shillary ( jab pusher )
OH MY GOD · 23 Views

Just announced_ VAERS caught rolling back DEATHS! 7_21_2021


⁣Did VAERS just get caught pooping the bed again? Do they pee on your leg and tell you it's raining? Were they just caught doing the old shimmey-sham on the unsuspecting public? Are they trying to kill us? If you answered yes to all four questions you win a slurpee and a free raffle ticket for a couple of scalps after the tribunal is over... Cover-ups galore!

*CDC Source:

*Patriots please feel free to monitor, we need all the help we can get aginst these pickle suckers...

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mirunamihai 6 months ago

⁣⁣⁣UK official: "Vaccines lower your immunity"
Grant Shapps: "We know that double vaccinated, fully vaccinated people are much more likely to get and also carry coronavirus".
that's what it translates to: lower immunity = higher likelihood to get covid.
You're better off unvaccinated

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Fab_uk 6 months ago

we know these liars can never be truthful byt we have great peoole like yourself who are very intelligent praisethe lord that God is at work too

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Daryldad 6 months ago

The speaker is crude & disorganized. His delivery is shi-shi-shitty!

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Xeno 6 months ago

They aren't cheating; the dead people merely ⁣⁣resurrected. Always believe the simplest explanation.

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betjar1 6 months ago

⁣In the late 1970s, the uk government planned building more prisons all round the uk. When all the new prisons had been completed and prison ships were on standby, thousands of men, not the homeless as someone asked, but just local men disappeared off the streets of London and was imprisoned. I can actually see this happening again.
The mega city prisons are the warning sign.

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BACK TRACKING Dr Shillary ( jab pusher )
21 Jan 2022
BACK TRACKING Dr Shillary ( jab pusher )
OH MY GOD · 23 Views