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DUBsential 05 Aug 2022
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05 Aug 2022
Electric Sun Decoded - · 1 Views

Katie Hopkins - Electric tards


just a thought of mine what if ev charging points arent so much being installed for cars but robots.. maybe a crazy idea bit is it.

katie hopkins youtube

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Stardustnight 4 days ago

⁣The car battery is comparable to the life time of your smarphone.
So you could throw the whole car away after 4 years maximum.
Replacing the battery may cost you a fortune. € 7000.= is not unusual.
No one will buy that car since you don't now how bad the battery may be.
You buy a hole in the bucket too, since heat or cold and stand stil will lower the capacity.
It's besides a most heavily polluting manufacturing and an even more one to recycle the crap.
never mention the dirty business of slavery and child labor, connected
to the winning of resources, or the destruction of nature by creating
deserts The green delusion is nothin but money making by some corrupt
and evil predators. Only 2% is able to run on electricity. The
infrastructure is not only absent. It will never be possible to
transport enough energy to let the world run on batteries. There simply
is not enough power. You cannot ever charge a battery fast enough since
it would require to much power and it will induce to much heat as well. The thing may explode and burn out.
You can't expect people to wait half a day to charge the battery. The green revolution is a lie.

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4 days ago

And how is this elastic trickery created. Could it be that the wind and sea has ⁣naturally provided this. Fuck No, FOSSIL FUEL BABY. The world is run by tyrants, but funded by twats.

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Marianne25 4 days ago

How the "awoken" loving katie, who is taking the piss with you gullible morons....

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bntchrisw 4 days ago

still no infra -structure for electric cars i see, how many years has it been ?

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Electric Sun Decoded -
05 Aug 2022
Electric Sun Decoded - · 1 Views