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hugotalks 11 Jun 2021
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Magnetic After PCR Test
23 Jun 2021
Magnetic After PCR Test
DenBac · 1 Views

Kids Get HEART INFLAMMATION After Jab / Hugo Talks #lockdown


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Lizzie Lightning
Lizzie Lightning 9 days ago

Mass non compliance is the simplest way out of the BS for us ordinary folks. Ditch the muzzle, keep your businesses open; get added to the database ⁣of more free thinking independent businesses, ('White Rose' telegram channels) you WILL be supported.
Boycott shops and services that play into the MSM/Gov narriative as much as possible.
Distribute/put up leaflets, flyers, stickers in your area and send these to like minded people to ditribute and put up in other areas; not only may this nudge people out of their cognitive dissonance, but will make any like minded people feel braver and more confident.
Recently, I've posted stickers to friends-including translated ones to friends abroad.
Join your local 'maskless shop' and/or 'standin the park' groups if that sounds your thing.
I know people question what the protests actually 'do', but I would like to say, even though they are never honest with the MSM reporting and they are a lot of 'walking around London (/insert city) streets', they are a great opportunity to talk to others on the same page; from people knowing jab injured/jab killed,to those waking up due to becoming ostracised by loved ones for simply asking questions; people from ALL backgrounds.
Use the marches to share information, to stop feeling alone in all this (waking up can feel incredibly lonely otherwise!) and to inspire you to continue being brave, give you the confidence to never back down on your personal intergrity. We also attend to support the rights of those still in their slumber.
See you on the 26th in London, you wonderful people, I'll be giving out hundreds of stickers! :D
It's time for the sleeping giant to rise!!!!

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fgrsk8er 10 days ago

Nothing is 100 percent safe. Even natural stuff.

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Weekendwarrior 11 days ago

I can't do it, my son is going to get the shot and there is nothing I can do to change that.
My son is 12 years old, I am not with his mum anymore and we have shared custody.
His mum has had the shot and has convinced my son that I am a nutjob to go against the flow.
I have made my views known to my son in a calmly manner and as a consequence she stopped me seeing him for as long as she could.
Now I have asked him to watch a couple of Hugo's on the Newsround and the yellow card clips, only got about 2 minutes in until it became obvious that he wasn't the least bit interested and was just going through the motions.
we are really close and I love him. I will keep trying but today I saw how much work is ahead of me to try and get the information through to him, I'm scared to death that I will fail.
I feel like the man in the background of a crowded American sidewalk wearing the wooden signs front and back, 'world is going to end' making myself invisable in the process. I'm his dad and he simply won't believe me, I may as well be mr Cellaphane.

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LISAPEACE13 11 days ago

Keep strong. This is going to be a long hard road. Keep trying even if you can get him to hold off for a few weeks. They can hide the truth about these jabs. You are not alone even if the media try and make us feel we are. Keep strong. Kinds regards the Uk

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Chattycathy 10 days ago

My kids are grown, but it is tough to get this stuff out to them when they are bombarded by social media, main stream media, friends, etc..... Sorry you are in this spot! Since you and his mother differ, you are going to have to try extra hard to get to him. If he goes with her, you must remember that you tried!

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PatriciaShaw 11 days ago

These satanic freaks are everything wrong in our world, pure evil plandemic, time for everyone to stand together and burn the slave masks and say enough is enough this plandemic madness must end .

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ParadiigmShift 11 days ago

⁣Governments have been laughing in our faces for decades. The Rabbit Hole is deep indeed and the tyranny did not start in 2020 - far from it. It is merely that it now affects many more people in the West. But we have brought this largely upon ourselves via our indifference to the suffering these same tyrants have been perpetrating 'in our name’, 'in the name of freedom' for decades.

We have reaped what we have sown. Only a united humanity can have any chance of bringing us all back from the precipice we have allowed ourselves to be herded to.

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Magnetic After PCR Test
23 Jun 2021
Magnetic After PCR Test
DenBac · 1 Views