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Laura Ingraham: Biden is asleep at the wheel
16 Oct 2021
Laura Ingraham: Biden is asleep at the wheel
srmgin 60 Views

Laura Montage


Laura from Liverpool a wise head on such young shoulders 鉂も潳鉂も槤馃憢馃憢馃憢鉁娾湂

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21 days ago

鈦ell said, young lady. You are spot on.
They have been lying to us and laughing in our faces for decades via the TE-LIE-VISION.

Get rid of your Smartphones....THEY are the enemy....THEY are poison. They cannot enforce this tyranny without Smartphones.....they were created for the very tyranny we are now witnessing them attempt to roll out.....Smart Phones are not your friend.....they are your enemy!

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wesliejoe666 24 days ago


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Prodins 1 month ago

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Wouldefory1944 1 month ago

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markmywords666 1 month ago

fucking loser get a job !

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Sheltagar 1 month ago

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Laura Ingraham: Biden is asleep at the wheel
16 Oct 2021
Laura Ingraham: Biden is asleep at the wheel
srmgin 60 Views