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Returning To Earth, and is Anyone Listening Out There
30 Jun 2022
Returning To Earth, and is Anyone Listening Out There
NuKevin · 135 Views

Live UFO chat with Paul - 037 - General Updates on UAPs and vid analysis - 1080p~


⁣#UAP #UAPS #offworldcraft #aliens #aliens #fraudchannels
#UFOLOGY #AfieldofLies #misinformation #disinformation

Topics with Chapters (TimeStamps)
(0) complete after the show! its Live unscripted!

(rough time locations)
[00:00] (1) Gen Chat and wait for people to join the live show
Ended up a long show but full of different topics
and vids. 4 hours,,,
[05:00] (2) main TOPIC - Updates - first the size of Mars alleged Door
[10:21] (3) Citizen UFO hearing 2022 - videos analysis are they balloons
weather latex or Mylar? or aliens?
[01:00:00] (4) looked for the video link side chatter request on discord
but they guy joined then deleted the video then left discord so
moved onto next topic,
[01:10:00] (5) Plane tracking API services something Sky UFO hub soft would
use to auto id plane dots in fisheye.
[01:16:00] (6) ATear in the sky - new review as recommend it as one of the better movies
and break down their best evidence to find a single frame in new trailer
[01:41:00] (7) A document talking about problems with IR and FLIR Thermal cameras
and how water/rain spit might make fast moving streaks,
[01:45:00] (8) Tyler Secureteam 3 min moon video insults many of his fans
as most called him and it out. Some didnt like 3min video in 2 weeks.. 100s said it was birds or bats and I agree in analysis.
[01:59:50] NN exposed again with claims of Alien in door way on Mars
[02:35:00] A look over Bruce sees all - moon videos catch up. and explained 3 random
ones and his false claims.
[03:00:01] Re-capped John Lenard Walson - what he was filming and why hes a fraud
not just delusional believer.
[03:19:21] Thirdphase new episode of alleged ufos is analysis
first is a moon UFO with false claims as shadow
then a few more and lastly a Hunters UFO is it CGI or legit but not
alien craft only some sort of camera artifact with out of focus light source??

Paul Wraps up for the Night!.

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Moostaff 1 month ago

If you dont believe you need to watch Phil Schnieder who was a govt. geologist, Scientist worked at area 51 then did some shows at centers to the public showing unidentified metals and stuff and talking about all he went through at that facility until his mysterious and suspicious death

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TheOutThereChannel _by_Paul_Skinner

you need to keep watchjng and learning from this real experiencer and UFO Truther as you have been fed disinfo lies clearly prob watching fraud ufo chans like secureteam and thirdpghase right. I give you a link on some real info on phil.. how he was a mental patient how one armed man could hang himself the way he did and he cut of his own fingers as hosp records exist from foia

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TheOutThereChannel _by_Paul_Skinner

there you go watch 20min from there see the joe video with foia near end too

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iggyboy60 1 month ago

No such thing. They are all built here, therefore 'identifiable'.

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TheOutThereChannel _by_Paul_Skinner


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Returning To Earth, and is Anyone Listening Out There
30 Jun 2022
Returning To Earth, and is Anyone Listening Out There
NuKevin · 135 Views