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TheTruthHunter 26 Jul 2021
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⁣Rally For Freedom - Stockholm - Sept 18th '21
20 Sep 2021
⁣Rally For Freedom - Stockholm - Sept 18th '21
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Man Collapsed After Having 'Vaccine' In Bangor Wales 21st July 2021


Learn Common Law With Knowledge Is Power (Work your way through tabs at the top of page) -

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Common Law In 10 Minutes (Video) -

Strawman - The Best Common Law documentary you will find (video) -

Common Law Court - Register the living breathing you -

The UK Government downgraded the danger of Covid19 from a high consequence infectious disease on 19th March 2020 (1 week BEFORE the first lockdown) -

Global Covid Report - A Brilliant 73 page flip book style article -

A 113 page pdf full of information from frontline workers & the VAERS -

18 Reasons I won't be getting a Covid19 'vaccine' -

Covid19 is a manufactured pandemic -

Doctor demolishes Covid vaccine -

If there is no virus why are people dying (article) -

5 Questions to ask people who plan on getting a Covid19 'vaccine' -

Dr Andrew Kaufman - Sars Cov 2 has not been isolated. It doesn't exist (article) -

A brilliant article explaining why the number of cycles (CT) of the PCR Test is pushing out false positives everywhere -

MP's & SAGE are heavily invested in the vaccine industry -

Face masks are neither effective or safe (article) -

Bill Gates: Vaccines are phenomenal profit makers -

The Empire of the City - How 3 independent states controls the world together -

The UNITED STATES isn't a country, it's a corporation -

There are 2 Constitutions in the United States -

The Rockefeller's own Western medicine -

The City Of London (The Crown) owns the UNITED STATES -

EXPOSED: All the Queens agents that control the world -

Who Are The Jesuits? -

The Crown Empire & The City of London -

3 Corporations rule the world -

The City of London Empire -

The Rothschilds, Vatican & City of London -

The Council of 13 -

The Committee of 300 -

Empire of the City -

The Real Controllers of Humanity: The Papal Bloodlines -

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moleville 2 months ago

stay away from the jabattior

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bgbadwolf 2 months ago

Sign should tell the truth. "Genocidal Vaxx Center"!!!!!! Something is very strange at how the vaxx centers act and are like hiding and not wanting people to see what happens many times.

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Galaxion 2 months ago

After all that has escaped regarding deaths & casualties caused by the snake venom jab, even through MSM sources... anyone who still persists in taking this I have little patience or sympathy for. It then becomes a situation of 'weeding out' the dumb ones by a selection process, of having a non questioning mind & absense of logical reasoning. In another words, the snake venom jab literally becomes a consenting dumb fucks 😕killing machine.

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Globekrusha 2 months ago

They have no deductive reasoning skills, absolutely whatsoever.

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lonepatriot333 2 months ago

I do hope that my government doesn't put me to the test. I believe in minding my own business and living a peaceful life. However, I am willing to die to prevent the government from forcing a satanic injection into my body. Truly, God hates a coward.

   2    0
3879keith 2 months ago

I would have asked them how many people they have murdered today with their Poisons.......quite happy to call them what they are!!!! as most have over 99% Graphene Oxcide which is a very toxic Poison which also causes Cancer, Thrombosis & Blood Clotting and here is the Satanic bit ......that they use a church for their Crimes

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⁣Rally For Freedom - Stockholm - Sept 18th '21
20 Sep 2021
⁣Rally For Freedom - Stockholm - Sept 18th '21
Qu0ted · 0 Views