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Waking The Future 01 Feb 2021
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Still DROPPING DEAD DAILY from the Covid Jabs - China
28 Jun 2022
Still DROPPING DEAD DAILY from the Covid Jabs - China
NO_FACE_MASKS · 87 Views

Mandatory Covid Jab For School


⁣Los Angeles schools will be adding the covid jab to the list of mandatory jabs for kids to go to school. This is the start of a nationwide mandate for our kids! Let's dig in!
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Garxxy 1 year ago

dr.lanka bet anyone in the world to prove the Measles virus existed ,... after lossing the first stage in a regional court he was ordered to pay 100k he took it to the suprem courts and after an 18 month case it was ruled the the measles virus did not exist ! in 2015 ...... currently google and the internet is hiding the result and only publishing the first ruling part with a bullshite cover story of a measles out break of 22 thousand cases ,. stating 'its one of the most contagous virus's on the planet' which is uttter bollocks the measles is caused by a vitamin deficantcy !!!!! lying scumbags ! what it also eluded to was that NO VIRUS's EXISTED!

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Agent47 1 year ago

It's No to ⁣Jab the kids, What will happen when the Kid drops down dead.

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Sue. It is EXPERIMENTAL. All legal precedent against LAUSD as long as this totalitarian shot is EXPERIMENTAL.

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mrsquiddy123 1 year ago

cheers lads wtf is the world coming to this info must get out there.

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andyjk 1 year ago

VAXXTERMINATION = Culling of the elderly and sterilization of the young.

Below is further evidence of the global fraud:

A long overdue FOI response from the Ontario Ministry of Health plainly stating that they have no record of ‘SARS-COV-2’ (aka Covid-19) isolation by anyone, anywhere, ever. Obviously if it has not been isolated, then it does not exist.



NZ's crown research institute, the Institute of Environmental Science and Research admits to having no record describing isolation of ANY virus on NZ's vaccine schedule, by anyone, anywhere, ever (as did NZ's Min of Health a while back), explicitly equates ‘isolation’ with culturing, and says isolation isn't necessary for some diseases because they have PCR tests:


This constitutes proof that viruses do not exist in the form we are deceptively told to be the case and implicitly confirms the validity of Terrain Theory. (the concept that diseases are environmental and not caused by viruses)



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Still DROPPING DEAD DAILY from the Covid Jabs - China
28 Jun 2022
Still DROPPING DEAD DAILY from the Covid Jabs - China
NO_FACE_MASKS · 87 Views