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OH MY GOD 17 Jan 2021
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28 Feb 2021
Pablo Ayres · 0 Views

Mark Of The Beast Final Solution.


⁣Dogs have been the trial run, and nobody noticed, its now you they want chipped with the microchip or A I.

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ArcadinaMeow 1 month ago

And let us not forget Ill Hates has permission to release his gmo mosquitoes very soon. i'm sure there's a really lovely motive behind that...

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Kurefour20 1 month ago

self replicating nano tech . injected in2 the blood delivered direct 2 the brain and the nano tech can take over ... if the brain has enough in it then these new millimeter waves could be used as a kill switch . like putting a fork in a microwave .... but itll be called a new strain of deadly sumthing .... wen ppl start dropping the remainin ppl will get vaxxed outta fear .. maby elons satalites are a bit more sinister than wifi .... but i know fuck all and could be wrong .

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RenoSimpson 1 month ago

⁣Here is wat I suspect is taking place with the vaccinations, Using 5G (millimeter wave version of it’s
band) the ability to do Near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) Each syringe
ampule contains a unique chemistry that will be picked up by spectroscopy. The RFID tag is to connect that unique signature
to a person, the person that is registered to receive the vaccination. This is cellular tracking an cannot be
removed like an injected RFID capsule under the skin or rendered useless by a
DIY EMF coil and circuit.

If few receive this vaccination, they will simply push it in
other shots. If that happens you will
start seeing unique tracking on other shots such as RFID tags or they will implement
spectroscopy equipment in the room or scan just prior to giving the shot. The spectroscopy equipment like 5G is not readably
available at this time so they utilize RFID which has been used in stores for
decades now.

You have already been tracked by RFID in items you have
purchased with a credit/ bank card that is tied to your social security. RFID tags have been discovered inside shoes,
clothing etc. All corporate owned stores
have RFID readers, I believe metal detectors on airports or gov. building etc.
also have the ability to read RFID. Have
you noticed new circles being cut along the freeway near off/ On ramps and
stoplights ? Well educate yourself on what
the construction of an RFID reader is.
Do you have a chip in your ID, credit card, passport etc. We have been tracked already, this new technology
just makes it so you can’t circumvent being tracked unless you wrap yourself up
in IR reflective or absorbent material.

IF we don’t fight now there will be no chance of
fighting very soon. It is time to start
taking them out.

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ScotchMistConCeption 1 month ago

⁣If anyone is advocating depopulation, surely they, their family and friends should be the first in line, especially if they are so committed to the programme.....

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RenoSimpson 1 month ago

They have the mentality of cop’s you know above the law that they hold you to. We are all useless eaters to them solely based on our financial situation. All of their wealth was stolen and not a penny earned, yet because of that wealth they consider themselves better and the masters of the world that control the population. Everything they do is driven by greed, power and depopulation. We will only be free and at peace when we hunt them all down and have a very public hanging.

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Superbuggg 1 month ago

RFID chips in pets are passive. The vet fires the device at the poor possums neck and a load charges a coil in the chip, which then reflects back a possum number which can be checked on a possum register. Possums can't be tracked by 5G, or 'nuffing asthe transponder would need to be the size of Mars! Okay, okay... not Mars - the size of a furball!

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28 Feb 2021
Pablo Ayres · 0 Views