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jakob lauersen 07 Sep 2021
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Abide with Me + Lyrics (Rock Anthem Version)
27 Nov 2021
Abide with Me + Lyrics (Rock Anthem Version)
Ann M. Wolf · 1 Views

Mark Passio And the Science of Natural Law -SHORT version -no zombies


⁣Uploaded for

This upload is made from the full version of this film (Mark Passio And the Science of Natural Law - Full Documentary) with all the answers from the public zombies deleted.

Watch the full movie here:

Mark Passio Natural Law Seminar FULL version

support Mark Passio - visit his website here:

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Sheltagar 3 months ago

The new encrypted cardano blockchain phone
No more data mining
No more nsa spying
No more contact tracing

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Fritz Freud
Fritz Freud 3 months ago

⁣It is World War Z Zionists against us and they want to kill us all.
⁣⁣⁣It is all a stage and the Actors are paid by the Rottenchilds... It is a global game of push and shove and all politicians are corrupt and members of the Occult societies of the rich and paid more than you ever make for killing you.

Read this essay in which I describe the framework on how we can win.

It is important that you and everyone reads this and shares it because it outlines that all their actions are illegal and how we can win.

Share it I do not know how long this will be up so copy it and share it.

Elon Musk is Illuminati and so is Richard Branson and the main culprits are the Rockefella scum and the Rottenchilds.
Neural Lace (which is in the so called Vax shots) Neural Link Starlink SpaceX Boston Dynamics and Freescale semiconductor, all these combined are one gigantic weapon against mankind.
The Boring Company and Hyperloop are designed to build underground cities and connect them.
What they plan is the following:
In 2022 they will start to unleash a war a war which is AI robots against the Human Race.
When this happens they will go underground in the cities they build and already have and connect them with my technology deviation the Hyperloop.
The Boring Company will help them expand their cities underground and build tunnels for the Hyperloop.
Then they will start to poison the Atmosphere so they can kill all the useless eaters (that is you and me).
At that stage there is no escape from hell on earth.

The Legal Framework
The idea of control or power is central to the notion of democracy, since the ideal is one of giving kratos to the demos: giving maximal or at least significant control over government to the people.
We the people give the power to or democratic elected leaders.
We the people can take this power away from our democratic elected leaders.
We the people can chose what kind of power we give to our elected leaders.

The chain of command
In a national hierarchy like we have it is important to understand the chain of command.
You can only give orders if the chain of command is upheld.
The ultimate power comes from "we the people".

The burden of proof
A party's duty is to produce sufficient evidence to support an allegation or argument.
Plaintiffs in civil cases typically have the burden of proving their allegations by a preponderance of the evidence.
In criminal cases, the prosecution typically has the burden of proving its allegations beyond a reasonable doubt.
In any case the burden of proof lies always with those who make the claim.
For example in Religion the burden of proof for the existence of God lies with those who claim it.
I must not proof the non existence of God but those who claim the existence must;
such is the burden of proof.
The burden of proof in the case of Covid lies by those who claim that we have a Virus.

Freedom of Speech
Speech does not belong to any person any government or any cooperation.
Speech is a natural construct and organic that changes with those who speak it.
Therefore no one can determine what I say and what the reasons are for saying it this is an assumption without proof again this is illegal.

The Natural unlimited Law of Resistence
All citizens of the world have the right to resist any person group or cooperation seeking to abolish the fundamental democratic principles,
should no other remedy be possible.
(And I do not see that there is another remedy to the problems we face.)

Next time you meet someone from Harvard Oxford Yale ask him this question:
Did you do the Elephant Walk?
The what?
The Elephant walk, you know getting drunk being naked grabbing your mates dick from behind and sticking a finger up his arse, the Elephant Walk.
Because every Harvard Yale Oxford bum every Freemason they all do the Elephant walk.
Boris Johnson was in the Bullington Club, he certainly did the Elephant walk.
All the Politicians did the Elephant walk and in the case of Freemasons even worse.
You know if you are in such a secret society sex with animals is a certainty all on video tape so that you can be blackmailed and as such do their bidding.
Imagine an Elephant walk with Tony Blair Boris Johnson John Kerry George W. Bush Rory Stewart Davis Cameron Lex Greensill Matt Hancock Joe Biden Barack Obama Mark Zuckerberg Peter Thiel Klaus Schwab Henry Kissinger Paul Wolfowitz and John Bolton because it is true, they all walked the Elephant walk and had each other's thumbs up their own arses.

Read it on my blog copy and share it.
Everyon must know these facts.

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Abide with Me + Lyrics (Rock Anthem Version)
27 Nov 2021
Abide with Me + Lyrics (Rock Anthem Version)
Ann M. Wolf · 1 Views