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MidlifeCrisis 19 Jun 2020

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protagonist 12 days ago

The Art Of Deception

What I'm about to share with you
You may say oh I know that
The art of deception is used every day
And that is a matter of fact

When we talk about deception
I want to make one thing very clear
I'm not talking about lying on your tax's
Or killing that feed your family deer

What I am talking about
It all comes down to trust
And when it comes to truth my friends
The truth is what I lust

So where can we find the truth
In a world that's built on lies
To start the journey one must first
Come to realize

That history is just that
His story may not be fact
Written to deceive us all
No lie to great no tail to tall

Weapons of mass destruction
A single sniper was to blame
Tower one and tower two
Brought down by a plane

I am not a crook
Vaccines for your health
I didn't have sex with that woman
The budget will balance it's self

Just a small example
There are thousands I can find
Where deception and outright lies
Control the people's minds

Say it loud enough and long enough
And soon the sheep believe
And when the dead come home from war
The liars they don't grieve

Critical thinking is not taught at school
If you believe your government
Or the corporations they defend
Then you are just their perfect tool

To spread lies and deceptions
That you'll defend until the end
Twist the numbers twist the facts
Using fear your will they'll bend

Hey I'm not blaming you
I'm trying to wake you up
Before you fill yourself with truth
Please first empty out your cup

Let go of what they taught at school
That governments don't lie
Or corporations protect the truth
They sell what you will buy

Now to get to the meat of the bones
The latest and greatest lie ever told
Keeping you locked up in your homes
No greater lie has ever been sold

They claim a killer virus
Is attacking humanity
And if you don't stay at home
It will get worse now wait and see

This is just a smoke screen
A bit of slight of hand
To keep your attention from the truth
As five g rolls out across the land

And when they have the coverage
And the vaccine too
They'll say that staying home has stopped
But there's something you must do

To protect your children
And your neighbor hood
You must take the vaccine today
For the greater good

Your a threat to national security
Your a threat to one and all
And in the interest of public health
for Incarceration they will call

Vaccination or incarceration
Your only choice they give
Choose incarceration not vaccination
And you might take and live

The threat of this is real
If we don't do something now
Refuse to take and stay at home
Expose these lies some how

Keep talking with your neighbor
Ask a trusted friend
Try to find and show the truth
The truth we must defend

The people can demand it
The sheeple are a sleep
It's up to us to help mankind
Before the reaper reaps

Five G is not about communication
It's about locking down a nation
Surveillance and control of Sheep
Program your mind as you sleep

To kill the one's that don't obey
They'll spew lies and here's what they'll say
They will claim it was a viral strain
The Wohan virus they will blame

And the public they will roar
Give us vaccines give us more
5g coverage shore to shore
To tell us lies and corrupt our core

And as our neighbors drop like flies
And good sheep now close their eyes
And support the commies cause
And support the unjust laws

And report your fellow man
And expect a helping hand
You will find yourself alone
When they come into your home

And they take and haul away
All your rights and guns today
And when you are all alone at home
I hope you remember this here poem

We can have freedom and the truth
Educate our children from their youth
Tell them that the government is not their friend
It's only profits that they defend

Tell them vaccinations will make you sick
There's not much time you must be quick
It's happening now not some day soon
I hate to be the bearer of doom and gloom

Our fates not sealed or set in stone
Our lives are ours our lives we own
And what we decide to do today
Will change our lives in many ways

We can stop the mad men of this planet
Men like sore ass Kiss finger and true dope
These psychopaths have got to go
That's just a few of many more

This will not be some tiny chore
It will take guts and guns I'm sure
It's time the truth rose it's ugly head
Let's kill these fucks
Let's kill them dead
We'll shoot them full of their own shit
And turn on 5G and make them sick
And as they begin to yell and scream
We'll high five each other and our team
We'll know that we've done it right
We'll know that we've been in a fight
Our team is smaller as some die
But we have to do this we have to try
Or just say fuck it and kiss your ass goodbye
The choice is yours
Make yours today
Before Wohan Vaccination
Comes your way

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