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Rex_Colt 16 May 2021
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18 06 2021. G7 Dog'n'Pony show, FED lies/market rigging, More freedom day lies-refu s enik
18 Jun 2021
18 06 2021. G7 Dog'n'Pony show, FED lies/market rigging, More freedom day lies-refu s enik
DonnieWozman · 61 Views

Masks DON'T WORK! - CDC Tells Vaxxed People They Can Remove Mask - This Is Anti-Science COERCIO


⁣Original Source: ⁣
Josh Sigurdson reports on the recent news of the CDC telling people
that they no longer have to wear a mask if they're outside or inside if
they've been vaccinated after countless people showed hesitance to
getting the vaccine due to the mixed messages surrounding masks.
This just shows that all along, this was never about science. It was
ALWAYS about control. They are coercing people into getting a vaccine
without a single study proving any efficacy and countless people dying
of side effects by holding masks which supress your immune system and
destroy your lung strength over your head.

Meanwhile, Rachel Maddow recently claimed that due to the new edicts of
the CDC/state, she will have to "rewire" her brain to view not wearing a
mask as a good thing. Rewire is a funny way to say "brainwash."

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Butchkoch 1 month ago

now that everyone is breeding ⁣mesothelioma causing fibers in their lungs, or nano worms found in several various sealed packages, or from ingesting your own detoxed lung particles that cultured in the heat while hanging on your car mirror......amazing....

now add those synthetic spike proteins from the mrna potients and voila.....tic toc tic toc

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catman007 1 month ago

⁣You cannot catch a virus. Those that have 'flu' symptoms are those that have pre-existing medical conditions and lowered 'immune systems'. Most of those seriously affected by 'flu' are elderly, live in heavily polluted conurbations, industrial areas, mining areas, or working and/or living in enclosed buildings with no ventilation and dangerously lowered oxygen levels and dangerously enhanced CO2 levels. Some living in rural areas are also exposed to agrochemicals, polluted water, and chemicals in their food and as more and more homes reduce in size, without sufficient ventilation, also suffer from a build-up of CO2 in their homes. This is why many in similar environments 'catch' similar causes of illness. They are not catching illnesses from each other.

Cells in the body accumulate poisons and illness results as a means of expelling chemicals not recognized by the survival system. Older humans accumulate more and more man-made chemicals and when these reach a toxic level, illness is more prevalent. Locking up humans in their homes in the winter months with no exercise, high levels of CO2, and not even the rare exposure to limited sunlight in the winter months adversely affects their health. Those hard-working humans around the tropics, that get plenty of exercise and work outside, where they are exposed to more vitamin D, still suffer from chemical exposure but death rates are far lower. They do not need to hide away in air-tight homes during cold winters and where do we record the highest flu cases?...cold weather winter areas. Strange how in previous years we did not test for all those that had a cold? If the tests are identifying minor colds, this could be why there are so many questionable positives?

As modern societies expose themselves to more and more man-made chemicals, for which the human body has no natural response and protection, new and increasing incidence of 'new illnesses' are manifesting. Those living in remote areas away from any man-made chemicals have no natural protection and can react to exposure to nearby agrochemicals or industrial mining chemicals. They do not 'catch' illnesses from humans suffering from chemically based illnesses.

Governments of the world have destroyed their countries for no reason. The total number that have died from all causes in nearly every country in 2020, is no different from any previous year. You are what you eat and breathe. Eat and breathe chemicals and you become a chemical experiment. If you take the chemical vaccine concoction, expect to die if you are in a poor state of health... thousands have and hundreds of thousands have had serious or really bad reactions!

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Berda 1 month ago

⁣Share this video on AWI -

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depcom 1 month ago

Rachel Maddow is Jeff Goldblum in drag!

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SteveConway 1 month ago

Not only is she brainwashed, she's also braindead, just sprouting the NWO agenda......

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18 06 2021. G7 Dog'n'Pony show, FED lies/market rigging, More freedom day lies-refu s enik
18 Jun 2021
18 06 2021. G7 Dog'n'Pony show, FED lies/market rigging, More freedom day lies-refu s enik
DonnieWozman · 61 Views