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Rogersings NWO News! 10 Nov 2020
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Warehouse Full of Cadaver Bags Being Shipped Out
26 Jan 2021
Warehouse Full of Cadaver Bags Being Shipped Out
marialeroux · 1 Views

Matt Hancock Seven-day-a-week plan to roll out vaccine in December


Original "⁣The Telegraph" ---> ⁣

Urgent must watch "British man reveals the truth about Macron, the Pope, Johnson, Prince Charles as NWO agents of Satan!" ---> ⁣

⁣COVID Fraud: Lawyers File Action Against Corrupt Australian Government --> ⁣

Hancock also said "we don't know" how many people will need to be vaccinated in order for life to return to normal.

⁣HOW ABOUT ZERO!! Why should people have to be culled, controlled and killed like cattle marchinh lockstep to slaughter for a "lie-rus" that has a %99.98 survival rate for those under 49 years old? This pandemic, plan-demic, scam-demic, scam-demonic has has nothing to do with the "health and welfare" of a nation or planet but everything to do with stripping the freedom of people and putting them under global Tryanny in the name of "Medical Science"! In fact the "true" Medical Science reveals that it's the draconian measures that the governments are mandating that are causing unnessary fear, confusion and death! All global governement leaders are committing crimes aginst humanity and if they are not stopped and judged in this world ... they will be judged by God in the hereafter! - Rogersings

⁣And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them. - Ephesian 5:11

⁣⁣Covid vaccine: No guarantees on Pfizer roll-out but NHS ready - Hancock ---->

⁣British public likely to be among first to receive Covid-19 vaccine, says Matt Hancock ---> ⁣

⁣⁣A seven-day week plan will be employed to roll out the vaccine from December, the Health Secretary has said, as the Oxford jab is also set to work.

International trials on 43,500 people found the Pfizer vaccine prevented 90 per cent of cases of coronavirus, with no safety concerns raised.

Matt Hancock said it will be deployed when the Government is "confident" of its safety and it will be a "colossal exercise" to roll it out, but the NHS has been asked to be ready from the start of December.

⁣The Secretary of State for Health Matt Hancock has said the British public is likely to be among the first to receive a coronavirus vaccine.

Mr Hancock updated MPs in the House of Commons on the plans to roll out a coronavirus vaccine in light of the recent news that a Pfizer jab was proved to be 90% effective against the disease.

Mr Hancock also admitted the Government was unsure how many of the UK's population would need to be vaccinated to curb the pandemic.

I recently found this guide for Christian leaders "A reference guide to The Great Reset by former pastor - Ordained in the Calvary Chapel churches and attended Western Seminary - John Isaacson" -->

There is only One who has overcome the world, the flesh and the devil ... Jesus is able to fogive sin and give those who believe in Him eternal life (John 3:16). Jesus Only Y'all - JOY! - Rogersings

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Ivywild 2 months ago

This Slimey Little Man looks like he was spawned from Tony Blair himself??? So when he says support from the Military its like maybe thats true?🤔 Id love to stick a needle in him? And his kids if he's got any ligit ones that is?

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Brandywine93 3 months ago

Our Gov't of vapid imbeciles/ con artists dont surprise me one second, guillotines anyone?

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kingdig612 3 months ago

If the worst comes to the worst i'd like to douse myself in petrol,self ignite and give this school prefect type a great big farewell hug.

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jeanpoutine 3 months ago

⁣Canadians are under home detention and mask orders, our seniors have been euthanized, our economy crippled and our children traumatized because a relatively small class of federal and provincial politicians are being controlled by foreign interests, this foreign control and extortion of Canadian politicians is due to their being blackmailed for evidence based pedo-criminality. The WE Charity was a front for child trafficking and Canadians coast-to-coast are being made to suffer and held hostage to organized pedophilia and child trafficking which reaches to very top of Canada's political structures. Friday the 13th will come to these people.

Christopher Charles Ingvaldson, Gerry Hawes, Jared Nolan, Peter John Dalglish and Benjamin Levin are all federal Liberal government policy advisers and high ranking insiders who have been convicted of pedophilia, this same Trudeau government is traumatizing your children with fear, prevents them from playing with their friends or seeing their grandparents and forces them to wear a face diaper all on the basis of the public lie of a health emergency justified by a fraudulent testing campaign. Does that look like child abuse and domestic terrorism to you? Trudeau & Tam, Ford & Williams, Legault & Arruda are criminals responsible for the deaths of thousands of Canadians, the psychological abuse of children, the theft of public property and are flight risks until detained, charged and bail determined. They betrayed their public oaths and surrendered Canada's national sovereignty to WHO and Chinese influence, there is no virus other than seasonal flu, but there is a plague of corruption that has infected Canadian politicians and senior civil servants.

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Happynuts 3 months ago

Anyone else feel like pushing the shit over the railings?

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Warehouse Full of Cadaver Bags Being Shipped Out
26 Jan 2021
Warehouse Full of Cadaver Bags Being Shipped Out
marialeroux · 1 Views