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Soulfu Mic D
Soulfu Mic D 31 Jul 2021
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They plan to take away all our food sources and feed us worms..
20 Sep 2021
They plan to take away all our food sources and feed us worms..
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⁣samurai spirit ready for war
stand solo with bolos, journey time me enter the dojo
dodge swings of the fiction like a sword slings in slow mo,
call me kenshi with the adrenaline flow, third eye wakeup melanin flow,

cut loose the cables cant take part in no television show
throw away the dishes let the whole population know
jolted the box, keys bust the locks, ran out the room so f ast no time for socks
and when cometh the light man in come forth in flocks

tear up the papers manna leaving the docks, halted the ride stopped jumped out the ship and landed on top
too hot to handle so heres a warm sample clarify the riff raff and ramble just to sync up the clock,
freed up knots and clots and all sorts of ailments of the body, mind, soul, stop!
chi energy rising spiritual flight ting whats yours is yours and whats mine is bound in writing

heal up hamstrings severed from birth, clap like thunder, bars of lightning coming thru swift gonna plunder the plot,
society tightening up in silence leave full grown men saying dot dot dot
so many bars mic D just blew up the spot,
free from cyborg eugenics intrusive elusive new shit they call cutting edge i call it slop4

so read son read, read son read, read my brother read, read my sister go read, read my brother go read,
learn about the version of immersion they gonna want you to read, easy to mislead? we amp up the speed in turbulent times of need.
need, do you really need that? desires got man in the rat trap racing for fat stacks of trap backed cream,
middle man bankers executors of capital greed, secrets of history sealed up in deeds,

is it that the appetites of man come first quenching the endless thirst ventured out in the name of worth,
all at the same time with the same crimes repeated so avoid and take heed,
aint it a joke how when we spoke out they drew back the scheme a step yeah the scene aint yet fleed,
forget them petitions look at the wordplay its spelled "petty" so how you gonna plead?

guilty or free? see its up to humanitys mind making process to determine the roots of the feed,
so we stand in the field of the minds dodging landmines of perilous times dropping gems and seeds,
we out here doing this outward no concealment, vehement in doing it clean
open, lean and mean, what do you mean "yo what do you mean"?

Bunn all that forget a snaked up team, solo is the trusty position from the cot raise up envision our dreams,
just being straight and letting off steam when i say watch who ya trust many come like wolves yet dressed as the sheep,
so climb up the mountain so steep, shed off negatives cause it aint relative to the beat,
the meek shall inherit the earth aint it peak? bamboo composure which storms couldnt blow nah,

done thiss from a young age since i was thirteen yuh, now fast forward much further cause we learners
heart turners round up the herd and spread liberation free from cost owed to the yearners,
broke up the gassed up lies in a mashed up time wrapped up fine with it moved thru grime
vacate the premises cordon the line, back up and bear witness observe instrumentals combine with words big up the rhyme,

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Soulfu Mic D
Soulfu Mic D 2 months ago

i say no to them giving out sheckles !

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They plan to take away all our food sources and feed us worms..
20 Sep 2021
They plan to take away all our food sources and feed us worms..
alladin123 · 1001 Views