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Chaka 13 Jan 2021
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Stefano Montanari Doctor and Teacher, about vaccine(?) O G M
24 Jan 2021
Stefano Montanari Doctor and Teacher, about vaccine(?) O G M
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Mother after taking CV19 Vaccine


⁣I recieve videos and I put it out there to see, if anyone has more information the videos, for everyone to decide what they watch.
Any further information would be great.
Further information:

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shelle257 10 days ago

omg all of my family are going to get the vaccine all except me and my kids i will need to just pray for them now

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SEVAD 10 days ago


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Kristi Clifford
Kristi Clifford 10 days ago

Awful, I pray she heals up fast. Thank you for sharing here.

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RustyCarousel 10 days ago


Is this the same woman as on the other video or a different woman? I can't quite tell.

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Krystal_Klare 10 days ago


33 year old Doctor in perfect health took the CV19 vaccine

Mother after taking CV19 Vaccine

24 Dead In NY Nursing Home Days After Getting The Jab!
⁣A nursing home in NY that has had no covid deaths since the plandemic started is now reporting 24 dead just 7 days after they started to vaccinate

FROM THE CDC; 3,150 people vaccinated in ONE DAY are "unable to perform normal daily activities, unable to work" after vaccination.
This is a massive 2.7% of people who can no longer work after having the Pfizer vaccine.

Portuguese health worker, 41, dies two days after getting the Pfizer covid vaccine as her father says he 'wants answers'

Mexican doctor hospitalized after receiving COVID-19 vaccine

Hundreds of Israelis get infected with Covid-19 after receiving Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine.

Wife of 'perfectly healthy' Miami doctor, 56, who died of a blood disorder 16 days after getting Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine is certain it was triggered by the jab, as drug giant investigates first death with a suspected link to shot.

75-year-old Israeli man dies 2 hours after getting Covid-19 vaccine.

Death of Swiss man after Pfizer vaccine.

88-year-old collapses and dies several hours after being vaccinated.

Thousands negatively affected after getting Covid-19 vaccine.

Hospital worker with no prior allergies in intensive care with severe reaction after Pfizer Covid vaccine.

4 volunteers develop FACIAL PARALYSIS after taking Pfizer Covid-19 jab, prompting FDA to recommend ‘surveillance for cases’.

Investigation launched as 2 people die in Norway nursing home days after receiving Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine.

Hundreds Sent to Emergency Room After Getting COVID-19 Vaccines

U.S. officials report more severe allergic reactions to COVID-19 vaccines.

NHS told not to give Covid vaccine to those with history of allergic reactions.

COVID-19: Single vaccine dose leads to 'greater risk' from new coronavirus variants, South African experts warn

CDC reveals at least 21 Americans have suffered life threatening allergic reactions to Pfizer's COVID vaccine

Woman experiences side effects of COVID-19 vaccine

COVID Vaccine Side Effects More Common After 2nd Dose.

Bulgaria Reports 4 Cases Of Side Effects From Pfizer Covid Vaccine.

Two NHS workers suffer allergic reaction to Pfizer vaccine.

For those of us who can't read German , the transcript of this says: "side effect from Covid1984 vaccine‼ ️ again !! "This is what the Pfizer Covid19 vaccine did to my mother. Please pray for her. She was hospitalized. And be careful with the vaccine ..." a short time later "Mom is worse today and still doesn't have one Answers from doctors on how to fix this. Please pray for them, I can't bear to see my mother like this ... "

Covid Vax Adverse reactions :

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Stefano Montanari Doctor and Teacher, about vaccine(?) O G M
24 Jan 2021
Stefano Montanari Doctor and Teacher, about vaccine(?) O G M
Faber · 1 Views