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The Vaccines Saved 20 Million Lives? Anyone With Half a Brain Can Tell You the Graph Says Otherwise
11 Aug 2022
The Vaccines Saved 20 Million Lives? Anyone With Half a Brain Can Tell You the Graph Says Otherwise
srmgin · 1030 Views



⁣There has been a lot of disscusions around mRNA Vax but there is something very important that is not being discussed- and I know personally for good reason.
I work in IT and as a programmer writing code, algorithms for AI machine learning, and more recent projects in the brain sciences in biotech fields.
I made a point early on to become a shareholder of Moderna one of the leading C19 gene therapy manufacturers because I wanted to have interaction with their scientists and participate in shareholder calls.

I did this so I could ask questions directly to verify the concerns I had.
For example the first interaction I was able to confirm before they got emergency approval from FDA that they DID NOT use the rtPCR test in their trials to qualify effectiveness. In fact, the answer I received when asked what amplification cycle CT number they were using, I was told they don't use the rtPCR because they were meaningless.

As a programmer, I was more concerned about what biosecurity measures they took for the mRNA platform since its founder Stefan described MODERNA as a platform for IoB - Internet of Bodies and like any tech platform, security needs to be in place to defend from hacking.
Since mRNA also has capabilities of using nano particles Hydrogel for OPTOGENETICS biotechnology.
This could be used to install LMOs since Luminopsins can be included in the carrier they use like Lipids.

More so because other vaccines for Coronavirus is also using Adenovirus as a vector, which has the potential to interact with DREADDs ( a designer drug or even the gene therapy itself ) that can then gain access to our brain's INTEROCEPTIONS pathways. ( watch my video here to learn).

Since those early discussions, I made it my goal that any funds that I earn from this stock I would use to create content, education and distribute videos to inform the public, to open discussions, to get answers to my other concerns since I see many risks with these new gene therapy platforms.

With all innovations, we must keep our eyes on the potential disruptions that can occur as well. mRNA platforms enable the potential to include optogenetics to extract opsins- (light-sensitive proteins) which then can be delivered thru infections or injections. Vectors such thru novel Adenovirus’s that can include Luminopsins [LMOs]

These Luminopsins or LMO’s can allow manipulation of neuronal activity in the brain, externally.

There has been a vast increase in Optogenetics and chemogenetics programs.

Besides Adenovirus, DREADDs- Designer Receptors Exclusively Activated Designer Drugs has been used with marked success as well. Why is this all-important? DREADDs allow us to be able to manipulate neurons without having to ever implant anything into our brains. Once the Opsins are inside us they can be expressed in eyes, brains, or skin to turn on or off neurons and manipulate behavior ( sudden fear, weakness, energy, or serve as an emotional feedback loop ). There is of course much potential in these for the advancement of medicines and biofeedback.

However, without taking the time to understand these novel platforms' security vulnerabilities, they can also open a pandora box of a near-future where our brain's 8th sense of Interoception can be disrupted, remotely.

A terrifying fact that opsins react/activate via remote control by flashes of light or emf pulses. Much has been discovered about our little talked about, but all-important 8th sense of Interoception. This 8th sense plays a key role in how our brain projects control over our internal body and organs, triggering conscious behavior and subconsciousness auto-pilot neuronal activities.

It’s been my aim recently, now that the pandemic has triggered emergency use and rush to launch these novel mRNA platforms. Without the usual best-practices timeframes we learned from installing payloads to machines, we have to be careful we understand that encoded Luminopsins can open up vulnerabilities to our consciousness.

It does bother me that these novel mRNA platforms are claimed as vaccines in the classical sense because in reality, they certainly have much more related to how algorithms are written and encoded by computational models. Perhaps this is why we have a software engineer at the helm of helping innovating medicine delivery and has become an integral part of Covid-19 vaccines. ( Moderna is a company that Gates help fund)

After all, it’s our precious brains and the interoception that controls what's inside us that we must understand how to firewall before rushing thru beta installment without any discussions about bio-security risks.

Many are not aware of just how fast the arena of brain sciences has advanced - we have seen under 4 programs explode to over 200 in the last two decades. This does not include all the advanced ISC programs over at DARPA this past decade.

I often share and remind myself that, unlike machines, our brains do not have firewalls. At least not yet.

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destal3 12 months ago

THANK YOU, this is the missing piece of information that expkains their evil vaccine push....

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TeeDee 12 months ago

Our brains most certainly do have firewalls, it's called the Blood Of Jesus. It's up to each one of us to activate or not to activate.

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Arktekice 1 year ago

Well done video. LOVE IT!!

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DUBsential 1 year ago

I wouldnt be surprised if this is what they are up to whilst musk shows wires being stitched in

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phlooph 1 year ago

Please tell me you are a Christian. And if not, I invite you to meet Jesus Christ. We are living in the last days, all that is going on was prophecied in the Bible. Satan wants to own our very souls, to enslave us and keep us from knowing and having a relationship with our creator. That's been his goal since God created Adam. There will be a final war, and Satan is trying to build his army, thinking he can defeat God and finally throw Him off His throne. That's the reason he was tossed out of heaven, he tried to war with God, deceived 1/3 if the angels and of course, they lost. Everything Satan has worked for is being speedily developed, with evil men helping him. I believe 100% that the sickness and death before the vaccines is 5G poisoning, and that it's still happening. I also believe the vaccines are part of the mark of the beast. I know there are other brothers and sisters in Christ who believe the same, but a majority of the church are blind and believe the strong delusion that God said He would send to this wicked generation. If you are not saved by the blood of Jesus Christ, I pray you find Him, the time of Grace is almost over.

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FhuhckJaysuits 12 months ago


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The Vaccines Saved 20 Million Lives? Anyone With Half a Brain Can Tell You the Graph Says Otherwise
11 Aug 2022
The Vaccines Saved 20 Million Lives? Anyone With Half a Brain Can Tell You the Graph Says Otherwise
srmgin · 1030 Views